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Miranda and Those Holland Boys

Club Alegria #6 is here! Miranda and Those Holland Boys continues the series where those Holland Boys find love one menage at a time. This one is a little longer than the others at 6653 words.


Here’s the blurMiranda 500b:

Accountant Miranda has a knack for messing up her computer. When handsome Jeremy Holland shows up to fix it, she can’t hide her interest. Jeremy is entranced by the gorgeous woman he’d shared a dance with months before, and he hopes his love of menage doesn’t scare her away.


Warnings: MFMMM, MF, bondage, exhibitionism, four smoking hot brothers who work together and share.


When she returned with an extra cup for Elena, she found a familiar man sitting at her computer, and her friend was nowhere around. With sculpted cheekbones, short blond curls, and clear blue eyes that twinkled with mirth, calling him handsome was an understatement. A step closer removed the cubicle wall as an barrier, and she took a moment to enjoy his amazing body. There was no way this man was from tech support. He was neither geeky nor awkward, and his muscles marked a man of action, the kind who could throw her over his shoulder and carry her up the stairs to throw her on the bed and…

Miranda shook away the images that were growing more pornographic as she pictured his mouth closing over her nipple. She’d met him several months before at a retirement party for three members of the nursing staff. They’d danced, and she figured he’s lost a bet because he’d looked everywhere but at her the entire time, and the conversation had been stilted.

“Hi,” she said. “Can I help you?”

He smiled, and the sparkle in his eyes turned impish. “Miranda St. James, I’ve come to save the day.”

Movies of the ways he could rescue her day wouldn’t stop playing in her brain. She frowned, more at them than at him. “Help me? How?”

He gestured toward her computer. “You’ve put in sixteen work orders for this machine in less than two months.”

She set her coffee on her desk and leaned against the edge. “Are you the computer fairy, come to replace this antiquated machine with something newer?”

He chuckled uncertainly. “Computer fairy? I’ve never been called that before. I’m Jeremy Holland, Quality Assurance Engineer. That’s a fancy way of saying you’ve broken this thing so many times, the boss has come to fix it.”

Miranda hedged. “I didn’t break it. The darn thing hates me.”

This time Jeremy looked her up and down. “I find it hard to believe that anything could hate you. Besides, computers don’t have feelings. They react to stimuli, that’s all.”

So did she, and the way he undressed her with a simple look was almost too much stimulation for her. It had been too long since she’d gone on a date, not that she was trolling for one at work. Besides, this guy was out of her league. He was hot and built, and she was currently engaged in a love affair with caramel-filled chocolate. He was a tech wizard, and she had was cursed when it came to the darn machines.

“Well, if the stimulation is when I lay a hand on the thing, then I must have one hell of an explosive touch.”

Things got awkwardly silent, and Miranda became embarrassingly aware of the innuendo in her assessment. Heat rode a bullet train up her neck and settled in her cheeks. Thankfully Jeremy only smiled, those sensual lips curving up with mirth. “Why don’t you tell me what happened, and we’ll see what kinds of bombs you’re setting off in the hard drive?”

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New Release from LGP: Daisy and Those Holland Boys

Club Alegria #5 is here! Those Holland boys are at it again, and this time Toby’s heart is on the line.

That's Michele Zurlo's paddle on the cover.
That’s Michele Zurlo’s paddle on the cover.

Daisy has nursed a crush on Toby Holland for some time. One night at Club Alegria, her friend Nora suggests that she join her and the Holland brothers for some hot menage fun. Toby has liked Nora for a while, but asking out a woman he’ll want to share with his brothers is problematic. With Nora’s help, he finally makes his move. Will it be the start of something wonderful?


Warnings: MMFM, MMFFMM, MMFMM, FF elements, spanking, bondage, sex toys, exhibitionism, four smoking hot brothers who work together and share.

Word Count: 5766



She expected Nora to brush her question off as a joke, but Nora tilted her head and studied Daisy. “I hadn’t thought about it that way. We should make out. Once they notice, I bet they’ll stop gabbing and get to work.”

“I’ve never kissed a woman,” Daisy said.

“Me neither,” Nora responded. “I’d be honored if you’d pop my cherry.”

Before Daisy could fully nod, Nora brushed her lips against Daisy’s. They began tentatively, feeling one another out, and by the time Daisy committed fully and admitted to herself that kissing Nora was really nice, they were lying on their sides and rubbing their bodies together.

Strong hands slid up her legs and removed her panties. Others lifted her shirt and kneaded her breasts. Daisy and Nora broke away from one another, and Daisy found her lips occupied by Jeremy. He paused to slide her shirt over her head and remove her bra, and then he kissed his way down her neck. He had large hands, strong and hot as he palmed her breast. Another set of hands pried her knees apart and repositioned her ass. Daisy looked down to see Toby plant a kiss on her mons. “You started without us,” he said. “I see we’ll have to revise the rules.”

He closed his mouth around her clit, sucking briefly, and then he licked her with long, hot strokes. She wanted to watch, but Jeremy turned her face to him and outlined her lips with his cock. Daisy was impressed with his size, so she wrapped her hand around his base before she took him in her mouth. She licked the ridge of his crown as he lazily thrust into her. Between her legs, Toby did amazing things with his tongue and fingers. Her climax came swiftly, surprising her with the lack of buildup. Well, maybe it wasn’t too surprising—the spanking had taken her to the edge and left her there. Toby moaned as he slurped her juices. Jeremy pulled out of her mouth. Toby lifted her while Jeremy took her place on the bed, and then he put her down so that she straddled this youngest brother.

Jeremy grasped her hips and lifted her only to slam her back down on him. He did this a few times, and Daisy gasped. Yes—she liked it rough. Toby knelt behind her. He pinched and rolled her nipples as he thrust his tongue into her mouth, simulating what his brother was doing. “You’re going to ride Jeremy, sweetheart. Well, you’re going to hold onto him and try, anyway. He’s a difficult stallion. While you’re doing that, I’m going to paddle your backside. I want you to hold off on having another orgasm until I tell you to. Got it?”


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Club Alegria #4: Nora and Those Holland Boys

The next Club Alegria mini-series launches Monday, July 21, 2014. This series focuses on four brothers–Toby, Nathan, Jeremy, and Justin Holland–who share everything. Nicoline Tiernan penned four love stories that feature these hotties. Here’s a peak at the first one:

Nora 500Blurb: Growing up next to the four Holland brothers was no hardship for Nora Hayward. Every brother is a blond-haired, blue-eyed panty dropper, especially Nathan, but somehow they ended up as just friends. One night Nora bumps into the foursome at Club Alegria. When they invite her for a night of fun in the group room, will Nora end up with more than she bargained for?

Warnings: MFMMM, MF, bondage, exhibitionism, four smoking hot brothers who work together and share.

Nathan lifted her and set her on his lap. “You’re not ruining anything. In fact, you’ve saved the night. We were about to get going when we saw you.” He traced a finger along her bare thigh. “Remember when we graduated from high school? You promised you’d show me yours if I showed you mine.”
Nora giggled, nervous because Nathan didn’t smell of alcohol, yet he seemed to be putting the moves on her. She’d nursed a back-burner crush for him for as long as she could remember. Nobody she’d dated had quite come close to making her feel the way Nathan did. His touch felt good, and she didn’t want to stop him just yet. “You never showed me yours,” she said.

Jeremy’s hand landed on her other thigh. He had graduated four years after her and Nathan. Justin was two years younger, and Toby was two years older. Jeremy’s hand moved higher. “You wearing anything under that skirt, Nora?”

“Black bra under a white shirt,” Justin observed. “My money’s on matching panties.”

“Lace,” Toby said. “I think Nora’s a lace kind of girl.”

Nora might be a lace kind of girl, but that didn’t mean she wanted to be manhandled in public. She halted Jeremy and Nathan’s forays. “Seriously, guys. What’s going on?”

On the sofa opposite the four of them, Justin leaned forward. “We were sitting here, all talking about how we’ve had the hots for you since you grew boobs, and we were wondering if maybe you felt the same way.”


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Master Jett’s Surprise (Club Alegria #3) is Here!

Club Alegria #3 is here!
Blurb: When Amy agrees to be Zach’s present to his Master, her wildest fantasies come true.
Warnings: m/m/f, m/m, spanking, bondage, flogging, sex toys


MasterJettsSurprise500x776He nodded, accepting her word. He took his time undressing her, running his hands and fingers over the black silk and noting what made her tremble or breathe harder. Amy struggled to remain silent and still under as Master Jett learned her body in a new way. By the time he had removed her top, every nerve ending in her torso stood at attention. He pinched her nipple, and she moaned, so he did it again and again, searching for and finding her threshold for pain.

When he’d played enough, he said. “Turn around and grab your ankles.”

Turning, she found Zach rock hard and rigid with tension. His thick cock jutted from his nest of curls, curving the perfect amount. He would hit her sweet spot every time. Amy threw him a cheeky grin as she assumed her next position. She wished Master Jett would remove her panties. With them around her knees, she felt curiously more exposed. Nothing happened for a few moments. She knew Master Jett was looking at her private areas, studying the landscape and making her understand that she belonged to him. If he wanted to spend the night looking at her, then he would do just that. As she felt herself submitting to him from this powerless pose, her pussy grew wetter and wetter.

She closed her eyes and moaned when she felt his fingertips trace through her juices. He didn’t use much pressure, and sometimes that was the hardest thing to bear. A whimper escaped her throat before she knew it was there, and Master Jett chuckled. He had a nice laugh, the kind that was full of warmth. Knowing she’d pleased him with her unintended noise, she relaxed.

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With Love and Lust,

Michele and Nicoline

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Excerpt from Master Eddie’s Sub

It’s release day for Master Eddie’s Sub (Club Alegria #2). You might remember Eddie from Catherine and The Spanking Room–he was the Dom-in-training who so sweetly helped Carlos with his lovely submissive. Now Eddie has Marina, a lovely submissive woman all his own. Here’s an excerpt!

Marina finds herself in heaven when Eddie takes her to Club Alegria for her first public and group scenes.
Marina finds herself in heaven when Eddie takes her to Club Alegria for her first public and group scenes.

A glance down proved that Eddie was aroused by the idea of doing things to her in public, and that calmed her more than words could. He shifted her to stand in front of him. Master Carlos had released Catherine’s nipple, and now he worked on her ass with a wooden paddle. She shrieked and howled, but when he let up, she said, “Getting tired already, Master? I’m barely feeling it.” Her ass was a maze of redness, and bruises would no doubt appear in a little while.

Eddie slid his hands up Marina’s thighs, reaching under her shirt to knead her breasts. Marina relaxed against his strong body and let herself enjoy her Sir’s attention. Master Carlos resumed spanking Catherine, this time with a tree branch that whistled through the air and left welts across her ass and thighs, and Eddie slid his hand under her skirt and into her panties. Marina gasped when his probing fingers found her wet and ready. Though she didn’t want to be spanked, the sight of someone else being disciplined definitely turned her on. That, and Eddie’s proximity. Just the smell of him got her hot and bothered.

He scooted the crotch of her panties aside and plunged fingers into her pussy. Marina stifled a moan and her hips thrust forward. He nipped at her earlobe again. “No coming.”

Even though she wanted to protest and beg, she merely nodded. When Eddie let her come, it was always spectacular. She trusted him, and she loved how he tormented her. He pumped into her, curving his fingers to find her sweet spot. Marina moaned, little high-pitched sounds of protest as she struggled to stave off her orgasm. He always seemed to know when she could stand no more, but this time was different. He ground the bulge in his jeans against her lower back and massaged her sweet spot without mercy. The noises coming from Marina turned desFrom Lost Goddess Puperate, and she couldn’t hold it off anymore.

“Don’t come,” he said as he twisted her nipple, sending her over the edge. He continued fingering her, drawing out her orgasm, and then he held her against him. “You disobeyed, Marina.”

Hot Lunch Example Fire

This Hot Lunch is on sale for only $0.99 through Amazon and All Romance eBooks! It’s the perfect bedtime snack.

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Catherine and The Spanking Room is Here!

TriskelewebsitewhiteLost Goddess Publishing’s first release, Catherine and The Spanking Room, is officially available at Amazon and All Romance eBooks (for those who don’t like the Kindle format.) Check it out:

Blurb:  To celebrate a special night, Catherine visits Club Alegria’s infamous Spanking Room where she finds herself well used by Master Carlos.

Warnings (aka “the good stuff”): m/f, f/f elements, m/f/m, spanking, voyeurism, exhibitionism, flogging, sex toys, bondage

Buy Links:  All Romance eBooks


Catherine and The Spanking Room is a short story (4986 words) available for $0.99. It’s the first in the Club Alegria series. Every two weeks, expect another novel from LGP! To find out more, visit the Lost Goddess Publishing website!

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New Chapter in my Life

Last year when I got my taxes done, my tax guy (Bruce) looked around my house and said, “You need to form an LLC to separate your personal liability from your professional liability.” I like Bruce because 1) He comes to my house, 2) He’s reasonably priced and good at his job, and 3) He sends me a letter every year telling me when my appointment is. I like that I don’t have to be the one to make the call, and it forces me to get everything together by a certain time. Okay, enough about Bruce.

LGP Banner 2 with TriskeleSince I read and follow directions (contrary to the ‘man-logic’ way my mind seems to operate), I formed an LLC. I called it Lost Goddess because I’d been listening to the Violent Femmes song “Kiss Off”. Nine was for a lost god, but I’m not a dude, so I went for goddess. Fast forward to last fall when the wife and I were sitting around chit-chatting.

“You should publish your own stuff,” she said.

“I should.” I replied. “In the next two years, I’ll be getting the rights back to a lot of my books, so I’ll be doing that anyway.”

“That’s not what I meant.” She smiles. “I mean–you have an LLC. You should actually open a publishing company.”

I liked the idea. On the list of things I’d always wanted to be is a librarian or an editor. Since I’m neither, I decided to bump ‘publisher’ to the top of the list. Also, I’m impulsive. So I responded:

“Yeah. And I know the perfect cover artist. She could do banners and logos too.” The banner, designed by the incredibly talented Casey Harris, is above.

And so we researched the idea. I talked about the business aspects with a cousin who has two successful chiropractic clinics. He put me in touch with lawyers and gave great advice about the process, especially the part where your nerves feel like someone’s been electrocuting them for fun. We filed paperwork with the State of Michigan (who, for all their talk, are not very small-business-friendly. Still, we prevailed).Triskelewebsitewhite

Since Wife and I run this together, we have weekly meetings with agendas. We come out of them with list of things that need to be done. One of those was making a website. You can visit it by clicking the logo, also designed by Casey Harris. In case you haven’t guessed, purple is my favorite color.

We named our major idea, which became our launch identity, Hot Lunch. As busy parents, we recognize that many people don’t have a lot of time to read. They often don’t have hours or days to devote to a full-length story. They lament over a book they’ve been trying to read for a month. “It’s good, but I’m so tired at night that I only have about 20 minutes before I’m sleeping with a book on my face.” Therefore we decided to fill that need with short stories. Hot Lunch stories are 4500-8000 words. They’re something you can read during your lunch break or right before bed (though after reading, you probably won’t want to go straight to bed). Cool logo, also by Casey:

Hot Lunch Example Fire

Then we needed content to publish. We contacted some friends and contracted for several series. The first one, called Club Alegria, takes place at a fetish club. Anything goes–BDSM, D/s, S&M, menage, exhibitionism, voyeurism. The first three books are co-written by Michele Zurlo and Nicoline Tiernan. The second four in the series are by Nicoline Tiernan. The second series is New Adult. It takes place at a university, and it’s called Lovin’ U. We have four stories so far in this series written by Miranda Mitchell. Here are the covers for the first series, all by Casey Harris.


I was looking for something that was classy and chic, and clearly communicated that these three stories are thematically linked. (I just mistyped “kinked” which is a funny error, but also true.) I hope this new venture is successful. I’m so nervous, like I’m sending my babies off into the big, cruel world, but I’m excited at the same time. I hope you all like this as well. The long-term plan is to expand to novellas and full-length novels, but that’s in the hazy future.

Lost Goddess Publishing plans to accept submissions beginning October 2014. Check the website (click the triskele above) for details.