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Kissing Bandits Welcomes Sierra Hill

Sierra Hill: The Interview

KB: Welcome to Kissing Bandits Blog! Tell us a little bit about yourself!

SH: I’ve been a Russian spy, had tea with Queen Elizabeth, been skydiving with Brad Pitt, and Safari’d with the cast of The Amazing Race…oh wait, no I haven’t! I’m just a girl (I still feel 17 although I’m in my 40’s), married to a sweet guy, living a great life. I have an amazing career in “the real world” and get to write contemporary romance novels as a hobby/second career. And of course, I’m an avid reader.

KB: Tell us a little bit about your most recent release.

ecover PD finalSH: Readers and critics are loving my newest release, Physical Distraction, and I’m so happy to hear that! Although it’s the third book in The Physical Series, Physical Distraction can be read as standalone. It features Dylan Hemmons, the older brother of Rylie Hemmons from my first book, Physical Touch. Dylan is a former-military turned electrician, working for his dad’s small Boston company. He’s so ready to move on to the next chapter of his life, which is making art from reclaimed metal. And that’s exactly how he meets Sloane Fitzgerald.

Sloane is a California beauty whose life just imploded on her. She’s a teacher on Christmas break who has to step-in to manage her late-uncle’s Boston bar. The electricity between Dylan and Sloane is off-the-charts. One book blogger/reviewer said, “The chemistry between Dylan and Sloan, who are the main characters to this story is explosive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

KB: What was your defining moment as a writer?

SH: I’ve started a lot of unfinished books in my lifetime, so the defining moment was when I began writing my first published book, Physical Touch, I unapologetically stated for the world to know (okay, my FB friends) that I was going to PUBLISH that book in a year. And I made sure it happened. In fact, I finished it in 3 mos and published before my self-imposed deadline. I was pretty proud of that accomplishment!

KB: Which of your characters do you connect with the most and why?

SH: I loved writing and creating the heroine in Physical Distraction (Sloane). She’s the good girl. The one who thought she had her life all mapped out and than is slammed with the realization that it wasn’t perfect. And she doesn’t curl up into a ball and cry (although, sometimes I do), but digs in and figures things out. And she also knows when she needs to rely on others to help. I think there’s a lot of me in those characteristics. Plus, I’ve always wanted to be a beach-babe (which I’m totally not)!

KB: What is something nobody would guess about you?

SH: I’m actually a goodie-two-shoes. In fact, my friends that read my books who know me in real life are shocked, surprised and a bit dumbfounded that I  write such Hot, Sexy scenes. They all see me as sweet and innocent, I guess. My godmother couldn’t believe I swore so much in my books, because I don’t curse much at all. But what I tell everybody is that when I write, I’m my alter-ego, Sierra. Not who I am in real life. It makes my life pretty damn entertaining.

KB: Share a funny or ironic anecdote.(See picture labeled Lemon Head)

LemonHeadSH: My husband and I went to Italy for our anniversary milestone last Sept. While in Amalfi, I picked up this HUGE lemon and my husband says, “That’s about as big as my balls!” *ahem* Yeah, right. And then we kept asking in the shops if they sold any lemon balls. hahahaha

Find  Sierra Hill at these places:

Read these titles by Sierra Hill

The Physical Series (All Standalone)

Physical Touch – Book 1 (Rylie and Mitch)

More than Physical – Book 2 (Jax and Sasha’s story)

Physical Distraction – Book 3 (Sloane and Dylan)



One More Minute with You (for music lovers)

The Reunion (second chance love novella)


Upcoming New Adult Series : The Sweetest Thing

Sweetness – Book 1 (releasing mid-summer 2016)

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Kissing Bandits Welcomes Tracy Broemmer

Tracy Broemmer: The Interview

KB: Welcome to Kissing Bandits Blog! Tell us a little bit about yourself.

TB: The first thing you should know about me is I hate being asked to tell people a little bit about myself 😉 While I think I can be an okay person-sometimes funny but serious when I need to be, a loyal friend, courteous, though reserved-I hate hearing my own voice in my writing, especially when it’s something about myself.

Tracy B1I am happily married to my high school sweetheart; we celebrated our 23rd wedding anniversary in April. We have a 21-year-old daughter, who just finished her junior year in college, and our son, who will be 16 in June, is champing at the bit to drive his Mustang convertible without Mom or Dad in the passenger seat. (So not cool!)

I am an only child, but I have 54 cousins…53 on my mom’s side of the family and one on my dad’s side. I think a lot of people (kids) hate family reunions, but I honestly loved them. When I was a kid, I knew most of those cousins really well. Thanks to Facebook, I stay in touch with a lot of them now.

I love to read, and I love that my kids both love to read. Between the 3 of us, we have a good thousand books in our house. (My daughter and I started the process of scanning them all into a library app last summer…our phones died several times in the process.) I will read just about any genre, though I rarely touch nonfiction. It makes me feel like I’m back in school, and I’d rather just read for enjoyment. I read a lot of YA stuff, because I like it and because for the past…8? years, I’ve volunteered in a local grade school library, and I love talking books with the kids.

I have a BS in political science, with a minor in psychology, and I have a Masters in education. I worked in early childhood before deciding it was more important to me to be home with my own kids. Being at home has allowed me to focus on writing, which has been a passion of mine since I was a little girl.

To wrap up, I love chocolate, wine (it’s about time for another trip to Napa Valley), and music. I love dogs, especially my fur baby, and I (usually) love Mondays…

KB: Tell us a little bit about your most recent release.

TB: Say Everything, my latest release, is a story about monsters we see in our everyday lives:

One lesson we’re not taught when we’re little is how to pick out a monster in a crowd, not when that monster looks like the rest of us.

Tracy BGwyn Hansen is all grown up, but she sleeps with the lights on and she refuses to leave her house because she’s met the boogeyman. Gwyn’s ex-boyfriend, Walker, and her best friend, Sara, want to help her recover, to heal emotionally as well as physically.  But Gwyn claims her experience has changed her, maybe not for the better.

Gwyn isn’t keeping secrets because she’s afraid to share them.  Rather, she needs to keep her secrets as a matter of self-preservation. How can she ever be comfortable with her friend and lover again if they continue to see her as a victim?

If she can’t say everything, can Gwyn find the right words to start the healing process?  Will Walker and Sara have the patience to wait for her, or will they each move on with their lives without her?

KB: Describe how you create characters.

TB: I don’t. I rarely sit and think about what kind of character I am going to create and write about. Most of the time, characters come to me-in my head-and start telling me a story. Maybe I have to think for a little bit about what color hair or eyes they have, but their heart and soul is already there when they come to me.

When people ask me what kind of books I write, I usually say women’s fiction, which is true. But I don’t always go into a long drawn out answer about how I write character-driven fiction. My books have big plots in them, but my characters come first and they tell me about the issues they are dealing with.

I am fascinated by relationships (mother and daughter, sisters, father and son, friends, etc), and I focus on relationships in my writing. And yes, I want my readers to love them, to root for them through the hard times and laugh with them through the good times. There’s nothing quite like having a reader come to me and talk to me about someone who exists in my head and in the pages of a book as if that someone is real.

Sometimes my characters look a little like popular TV or movie actors. Sometimes they’re a mix of people I know and TV or movie actors. They have a mix of personality traits and quirks and issues of people I know or even a little bit of myself or other fictional characters. I want to keep them real, because I want my readers to care about them like they are real.

KB: Describe how you came up with the plot of your novel.

TB: I am not the most active person in the world, but I do try to walk every day. I live in a very pretty area, and there’s a very nice sidewalk/walking view close by. I can walk straight up several blocks to the local community college, walk the campus, and stretch the walk even more if I want to meander through several neighborhoods on the way home.

There used to be an old, dilapidated-looking white house on the main street of that walk. I don’t think I’d ever seen a person or a car near that place since we’d moved in several years ago. Every day when I walked, I would look at that house and just feel that there was a story to be written about it.

I take my iPod with me when I walk, and I usually listen to playlists I make for my writing projects. I’ve had several playlists with horror movie soundtracks for different projects I’ve worked on, and one of those was pretty recent, so I was walking by that creepy house, listening to songs from scary movies, and thinking creepy thoughts.

It didn’t look like a haunted house to me, but a place where someone could be held as a prisoner and no one would ever have any idea anything sinister was going on there.

And then suddenly, the house was gone, and I had the plot for the book, Say Everything.

KB: Who or what has had the biggest influence on your writing?

TB: I’m going to go with the what of this question first…

I’m an only child, and I have a big, vivid imagination. I don’t know how old I was when I decided I wanted to be a writer, but it was before my grandma moved from Jackson Street, and she moved when I was seven. (Before that, I wanted to be an architect. I knew nothing about architecture, but Mike Brady on the Brady Bunch was an architect and I guess that made it sound exciting to me.) I day dream all the time, always have and always will. At least now I can say I’m plotting, so I don’t sound lazy!

I watch some TV and I like going to movies, but I’d rather read a good book. So I guess I would say reading and falling in love with fictional characters has had a huge influence on my writing.

Reading inspires me to write. Reading something that drains me emotionally makes me want to write something equally draining, heartbreaking for others to read. Some of my readers have compared my writing (not necessarily my book plots) to a few of my favorite authors, and now and then when I reread something I’ve written, I see particular authors’ influences in my style, too.

As far as who has had the biggest influence on my writing…

When I was in school, I wrote books by hand in spiral bound notebooks. I think people thought it was cute, but no one really gave it a second thought. Even when I started college, I was so programmed to think I couldn’t make a career of writing, that I chose a different field of study. So now I have a BS in political science and a minor in psychology, and I have an MSE. I spent a few years in the early childhood education field, and I am currently a stay at home mom (to a 21 year old college senior and an almost 16 year old! haha!) and I’ve now written 20 women’s fiction novels and haven’t seen the inside of a prekindergarten classroom in nearly 20 years.

My dad is a big reader, and I remember going to the library with him when I was a little girl. I got my love of reading from Dad, so I guess he was instrumental in my love of writing, too. Other than Dad and my favorite authors, I guess I’d have to say my readers have the biggest influence on my writing, which isn’t to say they can email me and suggest this plot or that plot or that they can text me and suggest something for character X. I just love hearing from my readers how important my characters become to them and how deeply affected they are by my characters’ lives. Knowing there are readers out there who love my characters as much as I do will always keep me writing.


Find Tracy Broemmer at:

Upcoming Releases (June2016)

See Kate, Lorelei Bluffs, book 7

Loved You More, Lorelei Bluffs, book 8

Sketching Litchfield Lake

Green-Eyed Girl

Destiny’s Calling: Your Future is Waiting

Look For Tracy’s Other Titles:

Stand Alone Titles:

Say Everything

Come Home For Christmas

Two Story Home

Picket Fences

Just Like Them (written as Therese Kinkaide)

Fairytale (written as Therese Kinkaide)

Luther’s Cross (written as Therese Kinkaide)

The Williams Legacy:

Truth Is, Book 1

Other People’s Ugly, Book 2

The Lorelei Bluffs Series:

Every Little Thing, Book 1

Two A.M., Book 2

Blind, Book 3

Leaving July, Book 4

Hesitation Marks, Book 5

Four Letter Words, Book 6


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Kissing Bandits Welcomes Vanessa Liebe

Wordpress VL Blog Tour

Vanessa Liebe Smuggler’s Bounty

Elizabeth Thornton is left all alone in Georgian England after losing her parents in a tragic accident, so she travels to Cornwall to live with her kindly, older, and very proper Aunt Judith. Soon, however, she begins to suspect her aunt of hiding something nefarious. Determined to learn the truth behind the strange goings on, she sets out on a quest for the truth. A quest that leads to danger, and trouble with the law, and a very handsome smuggler with a firm hand and smoldering, sexy eyes who is as determined to keep Elizabeth safe as she seems to be to put herself in harm’s way.

map and spyglass
William is growing tired of the smuggler’s life of danger and instability. If he can just finish his last run, he can give it all up and finally settle down, find love, and start a family. But he already has a preventative officer hot on his heels who is determined to end his career and throw him in jail – or worse. The beautiful, headstrong Elizabeth is a complication he does not need. But she, too, is hot on his heels – and irresistible. Now he must avoid capture, and find time to discipline this woman with an appetite for adventure, who seems determined to steal his heart.
ship and moon
When these two are together passions ignite, sparks fly, and danger lurks around every corner. Can Elizabeth and William avoid the law? Will they finally find the happiness that has so long eluded them both?

Tour Titles Social Media Links

Tour Titles Buy Links
smugglers bounty cover




Tour Titles Excerpt

****Excerpts from Smuggler’s Bounty****

Excerpt 4

William looked all around the small beach and then he saw a pile of clothing at one end. Where the hell was the annoying girl? And then he saw her in the water and his heart stopped. “God’s teeth!” Was she trying to drown herself? What person would voluntarily go into the sea like that? “I’d better fetch her out.” Obviously, she didn’t know what powerful under currents there were around this cove. He ran to the water’s edge, but then she emerged from the waves in just a long sleeved shift clinging to her lovely body and his eyes greedily took in the sight.

Merciful Zeus. The soaking wet and sheer material offered her no cover whatsoever and he sighed at the sight of long shapely limbs before his eyes travelled up to see the raven curls between her legs, her womanly hips, small waist, and lush breasts. The fact that she was wearing the totally inadequate shift as some ridiculous attempt to preserve her modesty was somehow more arousing for him than if she was naked.

“I thought I told you what I’d do to you if I caught you down here again, Elizabeth?” he rasped out and watched in satisfaction as she jumped at the sound of his voice. She looked up with wide eyes and vainly tried to cover her breasts and sex with her hands. “William!” Her voice was breathless in surprise, embarrassment and more than a little dismay.

Good. The chit realized that she was in deep trouble.

“I’m waiting,” he growled. “What did I say would happen?”

Despite her vulnerable state, her chin came up and her blue eyes glared defiantly at him. “You didn’t mention the beach specifically. And I shall go where I like.”

God, she was provoking. He clenched his teeth. “Come here, Elizabeth.”

She simply glared back at him. “No.” And she continued to stand in the shallows, one arm crossed over her breasts and her other hand placed over her sex.

“No?” William was incredulous. How dare she ignore his command?

“You have no right to lay your hands on me,” she told him. “So just go away and let me dress in peace.” Blue eyes continued to glare defiantly at him.

“You think I will not come in the water after you, girl?”

Elizabeth blinked at him but then looked at his pristine boots and must have thought she was safe. “And ruin your boots?”

It was her scoffing that did it. William smiled, before he surged into the water and grabbed her. He slung her over his shoulder before she had time to react. Then he turned and strode out of the water with her, gripping her thighs firmly when she began to struggle and pummel his back with her fists.

“Let me go. You can’t do this!” she cried.

Too late. She’d had fair warning.

William left the water and walked up the beach with her. “I can,” he told her and slapped her bottom when she continued to hit him. “Stop hitting me, Elizabeth and I might go easy on you.”

Her response was an indignant squawk when he smacked her. Then she hit him harder and kicked more fiercely. “Go to hell!”

William gritted his teeth. By god, she was going to get some extra strokes for this. He looked around the deserted little beach. Should he do it here? Sit on a rock and put her over his knee? No. He was better off taking her to his room in the tunnel – for some privacy.

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Kissing Bandits Welcomes Barbara Donlon Bradley

Kissing Bandits Welcomes Barbara Donlon Bradley

KB: Welcome to Kissing Bandits Blog! Tell us a little bit about yourself!

BDB: Well, my name is Barbara Donlon Bradley. I’ve always been a bit creative – love to paint and draw although I haven’t done either in years. When I found writing it was the perfect venue for my creative juices and that is where my focus is. I’m a mother (son is full grown now) and a wife. I’m proud to say I’ve been married to the same man for 31 years and we still like each other.

KB: Tell us a little bit about your most recent release.

BDB: Timeless Desire is the 9th book in my series The Vespian Way. I have an ongoing plot in the series but this book steps away for a moment because my hero and heroine are caught up in a series of timeline changes. It was a whole lot of fun because I had them meeting again and again in these different timelines.


Someone keeps altering the timeline and only Sam and Skye are aware of the change. The culprit doesn’t want Heather and Storm together, yet they keep finding each other, no matter how many times it is changed. Everything needs to be righted and the person messing with it needs to be stopped. It’s up to Sam and Skye to get things back the way it should be.

KB: What made you want to become a writer?

BDB: I’ve always written stories. When I was about 13 I created a character to go with my favorite super hero. Even went as far as creating her costume and car. Then I was in high school I started watching Star Trek in reruns and did the same thing because I wanted something knew. A girlfriend of mine also created a character and we started writing scenes for these characters.

Now we’re going to skip forward about 20 years. My girlfriend and I were still mailing those scenes back and forth when my mother and father-in-law moved back from California. My mother-in-law had taken classes in California to become a writer and wanted to continue following that dream. She had no idea that I had been writing, and I swear she just wanted someone to drive her, but she paid for my first year with RWA and my local chapter of RWA. Well, one day the president of our local chapter decided to do a critique program. She asked for 5 pages of members work to be critiqued. I knew I wasn’t going to be in town the day of the meeting so figured why not? If they don’t like it I could have slunk off into the darkness, never to be seen again. So I sent 5 pages of a scene I had written and waited to hear what they thought.

I was floored! They loved it. I was told that it was very raw and read like a screen play (which made sense since I graduated from college with a BA in Mass Communications with my focus on Television communications) but they saw a career there. That’s when I started writing professionally.

KB: Describe how you create characters.

BDB: My characters create themselves. I have gotten a lot of my ideas from dreams where I can see an important scene in the book. I’m normally in my heroine’s body when these scenes unveil themselves but somehow I know what I look like, what my personality is and a few of my quirks. Just enough to start with. Then they live in my mind, developing and becoming more three dimensional. I think that is why I love my characters so much.

KB: What kinds of female characters do you prefer to write?

BDB: I write strong females. Thanks to my grandma, I have a dominating personality so those type of characters come easy to me. I’m not saying they are so pushy you can’t love them, but they don’t back down from a fight, own up to their mistakes, and sometimes speak before they think.

Find Barbara Donlon Bradley at these places:









Read these titles by Barbara Donlon Bradley:

Backlist (Oldest to Newest):

A Portrait in Time – Hard Shell Word Factory

Love on the Run – Hard Shell Word Factory

A Quest for Love –Hard Shell Word Factory

Love is … – Satin Romance

Star’s Destiny – Phaze

A Question of Trust – Phaze

Honorbound – Phaze

Dominated By Desire – Book 1 in the Vespian Way Series

Passionate Desire – Book 2 in the Vespian Way Series

Animal Desire – Book 3 in the Vespian Way Series

Unwanted Desire – Book 4 in the Vespian Way Series

Hesitant Desire – Book 5 in the Vespian Way Series

Forgotten Desire – Book 6 in the Vespian Way Series

Stolen Desire – Book 7 in the Vespian Way Series

Hidden Desire – Book 8 in the Vespian Way Series

Timeless Desire – Book 9 in the Vespian Way Series

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Dirty Doms Anthology

Explore your kinkiest BDSM fantasies with Dirty Doms – Pre-order Now!

Dirty Doms Box Set

Ten of your favorite NY Times, USA Today, and Amazon best-selling authors have delved into the world of BDSM Kink. Explore your darkest desires, and deepest secrets under the expert care of a sexy Alpha Dom.dirtydoms

(Capture) Fantasy Surrender by: Lori King
(Corporal Punishment) The Beauty and the Badass by: Lucy Felthouse
(Orgasm Control) Secrets & Lies by: Serena Akeroyd
(Impact Play) Sizzle by: McKinlay Thomson
(Pet Play) Club Menage: Fifi by: Tara Crescent
(Bondage) Binding Her To Him by: TL Reeve
(Fire Play) Kaise by: Jade Belfry
(Daddy Dom) Professor Knows Best by: Juliet Braddock
(Sensory Deprivation) Deprived by: Jordan Ashley
(Medical Play) Electric by: C.P. Mandara
Spice up your night and indulge your kinks…

Fantasy Surrender

By: Lori King

Rachel Morgan lives every woman’s fantasy with her four cowboy husbands. Each man exemplifies something she’s always wanted in a man, and they treat her like a queen. As they approach their five year wedding anniversary, the guys have asked her what she’d like to do to celebrate, but she’s nervous about telling them the truth. It’s insane to want to be chased again, right?

This is a capture fantasy and explores a man hunting down his woman and ravishing her.


The Beauty and the Badass

By: Lucy Felthouse

From the moment Alexei Miles sets eyes on the kickboxing instructor at his new gym, he’s enthralled. She’s strong and sexy, and he senses something in her that speaks to his deepest desires. Bored of meaningless one-night stands, Alexei vows to find out more about the beautiful badass. He hopes his senses are correct—that her desires will match his own, and that his period of unsatisfying sexual encounters is over.

Zoe Harrison notices the new guy as soon as he walks into the gym—difficult not to, really, given he’s a six-feet-plus gorgeous Viking. As well as being attractive, he awakens something deep inside that she’d almost forgotten about. Men that can handle Zoe’s busy lifestyle are few and far between. Add to that her very specific sexual appetites and it’s little wonder she’s been single for so long. Is the Viking about to change all that?

This story explores corporal punishment in a BDSM setting.


Secrets & Lies

By: Serena Akeroyd

Meg’s love life was missing a spark until she discovered her need to be dominated. When her fiancé shared the same kink, she thought all her birthdays had come at once, and then she came to learn their relationship was one big fat lie.

Gabe has loved Meg for years, watching her from afar, and always wishing he’d been the one to date her first and not his brother. When he has the chance to have Meg in his bed—even better, tied to it—it’s an opportunity he can’t refuse.

With disastrous consequences.

Can Gabe make Meg realize she’s the one woman he’s always wanted? But once secrets and lies have wormed their way into a relationship, is it impossible to establish the firm base of trust needed between lovers, and more importantly, between sub and Sir…?

This story features orgasm control in a BDSM setting.



By: McKinlay Thomson

Elisa is a shy, quiet, bookish woman with one huge problem. She has a crush on the hot Dom living next door and he doesn’t even know she exists.

Alex knows his curvy little neighbor watches him over the fence. He would like nothing more than to bang on her door, drag her back to his place, and show her he has just the right toys to keep them both satisfied well into the night.

When Alex and Elisa finally come together could a threat from his past derail their budding romance or will their desire continue to sizzle.

This story includes impact play in a BDSM setting.


Club Ménage: Fifi

By: Tara Crescent

Something’s wrong at Club Ménage…

After escaping an abusive relationship with her dominant, Fiona Clarke swore off submission for life. But when the private investigator is hired to solve a case of blackmail at the secretive Club Ménage, she finds that she hasn’t managed to leave her past behind.

Adrian Lockart and Brody Payne protected Fiona from her dominant, until the day they disappeared from her life without a trace. When they reunite at Club Ménage, can they convince Fiona to trust them again, and can they protect her from the danger that surrounds them on all sides?

This story explores pet play in a BDSM setting. No actual animals are involved.


Binding Her To Him

(Dupree Investigations)

By: TL Reeve

Kennedy Le Roche, is on a mission.

A new drug has hit the streets of Reserve, Louisiana, and it is claiming victims at an alarming pace. The only clue she has is a BDSM Club on the outskirts of town. As a submissive, she’ll go undercover to ferret out who’s distributing the drug. But, there’s a catch.

Phoenix Dupree, is a police consultant by day and a Dominant by night.

When the police chief shares a case of utmost importance with him, he takes it. What he isn’t expecting is the identity of his submissive for the night, Kennedy Le Roche.

Feelings long since dormant resurface. Can Kennedy and Phoenix work together or will old wound prove to be too deep?

This is a bondage/restraint story and of lost love.


Kaise: A White Card Story

By: Jade Belfry

Will this cold attorney allow the flames of passion to melt her heart of stone? Kaise didn’t want love and certainly didn’t have time for sex. That is, until she loses a major case and her trusted assistant all on the same day. Feeling sorry for herself and fortified by drink, she dials a secret number given to her by a friend. Things heat up when the call connects and she reaches an ultra-exclusive team of sexual trainers that are about to show her everything she never knew that she’s been missing. Including perhaps the old flame she’s never forgotten.

This story features temperature play in a BDSM setting.


Professor Knows Best

By: Juliet Braddock

Professor Justin Langford is on a mission to teach his star student Sloane Bradford a few lessons in her deepest, dirtiest fantasies. However, the last thing he needs is another college girl.

After a miscommunication separates them, fate reunites the reluctant lovers.

From swing sets to sex shops, Justin challenges Sloane to embrace a life filled with sippy-cups and spankings. Sloane has much to learn if she’s still intent on being his prized pupil.

Will Justin manage to control her rising brat enough to transform Sloane into Daddy’s Little Girl?

This story contains elements of age play and Daddy-Daughter roleplay.



By: Jordan Ashley

Heather Ross vowed after a decade of being controlled by her husband that she would never trust her heart with someone again. That is until her best friend moves in to help her through being a single mom. His gentle, playful nature made her remember what she always wanted in a man, waking desires she thought long buried deep in her soul.

Jack Stevens never imagined that moving in with Heather every fantasy and dream he’d concocted to get him through lonely nights would come true. The day Heather confessed her desire for him Jack swore he would use every tool in his arsenal learned as a Dom to help her trust him completely even with his own lingering skeletons.

Can Heather learn to trust Jack when she has been deprived of her true desires for too long?

Grab your tissues and learn to trust again with passionate sensory play.



By: C.P. Mandara

“I am going to break you. That’s the whole purpose of this exercise. From the moment the door inside that room closes, I am not going to be Mr. Nice Guy. I am going to do everything in my power to hear you scream, and I won’t stop until I hear you beg for mercy. Do you wish to proceed on that basis?”

Today my name is Lois Reeves. I have an appointment with dominant “James Leverett” this morning, because my next assignment requires that I be a “submissive” and I have no idea what that entails. I’m about to find out… by jumping in at the deep end.

This story features medical edge play and electricity play.


11259660_10154119607961064_2804831340619095503_oPre-order your copy now—just 99c/99p:

Release date 28th June


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Kissing Bandits Welcomes Lynn Crandall

Lynn Crandall: The Interview

Lynn Crandall picKB: Welcome to Kissing Bandits Blog! Tell us a little bit about yourself!


Lynn: Thank you for hosting me on your delicious blog. I love cats, dogs, any and all animals. I don’t mind spiders and bugs, just not on me. I love writing. The process is a discovery for me because I’m a pantser. That not-knowing everything up front can cause anxiety, but I typically keep writing and so far, the writing hasn’t left me hanging.


KB: Tell us a little bit about your most recent release.


Lynn: Unstoppable, Book 5 in my Fierce Hearts series continues the stories of a colony of were-lynxes as they battle an evil group of powerful, influential, and ruthless people, The Nexus Group, to save their world. The heroine, Lara Monroe, and hero, Booker Chase, each suffer from trauma and loss. While they work with their colony members to thwart the bad guys, they also support each other in facing their pain and finding true love. I like to call Unstoppable the “epic” conclusion to the Fierce Hearts series. Epic because with everything at stake, the colony engages in individual and group battles with TNG soldiers and monsters that could change their world forever.


KB: What has been the most exquisite moment of your life?


Lynn: I love this question! The most recent took place with my husband as we sat quietly in a forest preserve and savored the exquisite beauty of quiet, breezes freshening the air, and the sounds of nature.


However, I am keenly aware of the amazing moment while writing Unstoppable when parts of the plot unfolded in unexpected ways. I love when that happens.


KB: What made you want to become a writer?


Lynn: I’m a typical writer. I love words, I love stringing words together in sentences and paragraphs in ways that say exactly what I want to convey. I have always written interesting words or phrase on scraps of paper, just collecting them for myself. But when I read the book, On Becoming a Novelist, by John Gardner, it was like coming home. He spoke my language and I knew I wanted to write, and write well.


Unstoppable coverKB: Pick out one of the best lines in your novel.


Lynn: What do you love about it? I’m going to cheat. I’m going to use four. “So many words rose to tell Booker how she felt in this moment, but Lara didn’t say any of them. Not now. The moment was too sacred for words. Instead, she kissed him, and with her kiss she told him everything in her heart.”


What I like about this line is that Lara gives herself to the moment of intimacy with Booker, whom she’s secretly loved for years. Words fail, but with a kiss, she pours herself fully into the relationship she’s longed for. Because of her past, doing so is for her taking a big risk. But she doesn’t hold back. She doesn’t let fear make her decision.


KB: What kinds of female characters do you prefer to write?


Lynn: I strive to write female characters who are strong, physically, mentally, spiritually, and emotionally. I want the heroine to have real inner conflicts and woundings to process. It’s a given that in a romance novel the hero and heroine are going to enjoy a happy ending regarding their relationship. But I want the getting there to be rich and full of experiences that challenge her perception of life. I want the heroine to see truth and expand to be able to contain it, and have the ability to see her choices and make them, not simply react. If I can write that kind of female character, I feel readers will see her strength comes with sensitivity, discernment, and awareness, which I feel are strong qualities.


KB: Share a funny or ironic anecdote.


Lynn: I like even numbers, so I’ll answer a fourth question. I have terrible penmanship. When I began writing about one hundred years ago, my sons were very young. One afternoon my then seven-year-old son looked at a stack of printed pages from my book. His eyes widened, and he asked, “How is anybody going to be able to read your writing?” He looked truly concerned, until I showed him the pages were not hand written.


Find Lynn Crandall at these places:


Read these titles by Lynn Crandall: Dancing with Detective Danger, Always and Forever Love, Fierce Hearts series: Secrets, Cravings, Heartfelt, Probabilities, and Unstoppable

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Kissing Bandits Welcomes Juliet Braddock

Kissing Bandits welcomes author Juliet Braddock!

The Interview

KB: Welcome to Kissing Bandits Blog! Tell us a little bit about yourself!

AmazonJB: I’m a publicist by day and writer of erotica by night. And although I was born in a small town in Pennsylvania, I’ve called New York City home for over two decades. I love art, theater, food, wine and travel — especially to France. I’m a proud fur-mama to a very spoiled, half-blind Russian Blue rescue, Coopurr…and a gushing Godmother to my best friend’s beautiful six-year old daughter.  

KB: Tell us a little bit about your most recent release.

JB: Well, my Manhattan Bound Series will continue in the fall, but this summer, I have a brand-new novella, “Professor Knows Best,” which will be published June 29 in the DIRTY DOMS Anthology. I love this story because it fulfills a double-fantasy — teacher and schoolgirl and Daddy Dom. Sloane is Justin’s best pupil in journalism school. However, Justin doesn’t want just another college girl…so he introduces her to a world of swingsets and sippy cups.

KB: What has been the most exquisite moment of your life?

JB: I’ve had many — driving through the Loire Valley in France on the perfect autumn day after having forgotten the map in the hotel room…my first full day in New York City after I’d moved here. 

But the most exquisite moment has to be when Coop was still a kitten.  He had non-healing corneal ulcers, and I had to be approved by the medical board at the shelter before I could bring him home. Meanwhile, they were trying to get him to heal a little before his adoption. I would go into the shelter a few nights a week after work to play with him.  He was a bit shy, so I wanted him to get used to me and trust me before I brought him home. When I left, I always returned him to his cage, and I would hold up my index finger and wave good-bye. I’d promise him that I’d be back, and I’d assure him that he’d be home soon.  The one night, he stuck his tiny gray paw through the cage and wrapped it around my finger.  And he squeezed it tight.  We’ve been wrapped ever since, and that was seven years ago.  

KB: Pick out one of the best lines in your novel. What do you love about it?
JB: In KNOTTED, Drew tells Maxine to take her high heels off because they’re heading into treacherous territory, and he doesn’t want her to fall.  Maxine, a true masochist who not only embraces but finds pain to be the ultimate turn-on, says to him, “You had me at treacherous, Sir…”

That line just makes me giggle every time I read it . It’s like Maxine’s little Wednesday Addams moment. She’s just indulging in the darkness and the possibility of danger.  At the same time, she trusts Drew to take her there.


KB: What are your top three guilty pleasures?

JB: 1. Watching Dance Moms. I always feel like I have to make excuses for that bad habit, but the truth is, I just love trashy television.  It takes me away from the clutter of my own reality.  

2. Spending weekends in luxury hotels in New York — even though I live here. (It’s the NYC version of a staycation.) It’s just fun to take yourself outside the norm and play “Let’s Pretend…” for a couple of days. And what better way to indulge than to treat yourself to a suite with a fireplace and giant tub? Pour a glass of wine…

3. James Norton.  Yes, he’s a talented young actor…but dayum, he’s HOT! I could binge watch him in anything all day long.  In anything.  

Find Juliet Braddock at these places:

Twitter: @julietbraddock

[List titles, include upcoming releases] Read these titles by (author’s name):

WEAKENED (The Manhattan Bound Series, Book 1)

WRAPPED (The Manhattan Bound Series, Book 2)

KNOTTED (The Manhattan Bound Series, Book 3)


DIRTY DOMS Anthoogy (Release date June 28)

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Kissing Bandits Welcomes Jo Grafford

Jo Grafford: The Interview

13KB: Welcome to Kissing Bandits Blog! Tell us a little bit about yourself!
Jo: Hello, and thank you for having me here on the Kissing Bandits, Michele! I write romance across the genres. The common theme is the high stakes you’ll find in all my novels. Heroes who are willing to risk it all for the brilliant, sassy women they love. 🙂
KB: Tell us a little bit about your most recent release.
Jo: DESIGNED FOR YOU (For You Series book #1) released this week. It’s pure, heart-pounding suspense about an interior design entrepreneur named Jillian Lang who is targeted and harassed by a cyber stalker sending the same creepy message over and over: “I know who you are.”
KB: Pick out one of the best lines in your novel. What do you love about it?
Jo: I love writing about characters who are real. Flawed. Relatable. Here’s a snippet of conversation between Jillian and her P.I. friend, Cam Bradford (You’ll be seeing a lot more of this yummy guy in book #2):
“I can’t survive on beer and brots.”
“Not true. I’ve survived just fine on beer and brots for years.”
“Then it’s far past time to add a few healthier options to your diet.”
He made a sound of disgust. “I get to push the cart.”
“That’s so childish.”
“No. Jumping on the lower rack and riding the cart across the parking lot is childish,” he corrected. “I intend to do that, too.”
Cover_DesignedForYou_3000X4800KB: What got you started as a writer?
Jo: Great question! All I know is I’ve been writing and creating stories since I could hold my first crayon (according to my parents who loved my show of creativity while privately lamenting the occasional wall mural).
KB: What are your top three guilty pleasures?
Jo: Chocolate, wine, and reading way past my bedtime!
Find Jo at these places:
Read these titles by Jo:


Designed For You
Hired For You (coming in 2016!)
Crazy For You (coming in 2016!)
Viking For Hire
Viking Born


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Kissing Bandits Welcomes Kathy O’Rourke

Kathy O’Rourke, the awesome author of the Men of Nirvana Flats series, is my guest today.

Kathy O’Rourke

What lead you to become a writer?

My father was a gifted storyteller. I wanted to be like him so in grade school I started telling stories and writing them down. In high school, I wrote short stories and teenage love poems full of angst and heartbreak but I was in my recluse stage, fat, pimply and self- conscious so I never shared them with anyone. In college I had a bit more self- esteem so I promoted my work and had two stories and several poems published in the university’s literary journal. Then came real life, my job, family etc. and my writing went back into the closet. It wasn’t until I took an early retirement that I started writing novels.

How do you find your inspiration for your books?

Now don’t think I’m weird but the characters tell me what to write. I develop a main character and go from there. My first book was based on a bad experience that I read about on line and put my character Beth in a similar situation and let it ride.

Are you a planner or fly by the seat of your pants type of writer?

A little of both really. I lay out about three sentences on what should happen in a scene and then let my fingers fly.

What are the top three questions you are never asked and what are the answers to them?

Do you think you are a good writer? The answer is no. I am a new writer learning my craft. I am however a good storyteller.

Are you happy with your work? Again, I am still learning. I feel like I have finally found my voice in my most recent WIP and look forward to sharing you with you all.

Are you ever going to write something other than contemporary romance? Probably. I have a secret compulsion. I love post- apocalyptic fiction… not zombies though!!! So I am thinking of writing something along this line.

What are five things that you want your readers to know about you?

  1. I’m funny
  2. I’m only old in body but not in my heart or ideas
  3. I try hard to deliver full bodied characters. full of layers, not just one dimensional.
  4. My books are not just one sex scene after another. There is a real storyline and the sex fits where it should go, not the other way around.
  5. My books, even though they are sexy and suspenseful, carry a message.


What are you currently working on and can you share a teaser of it?

I am currently working on the fourth book in my Men of Nirvana Flats series, ‘Perfect for Me’. It is the story of Tuck and Bridie. Both older. Both questioning whether there really is love the second time around. Both have baggage that needs to be handled. Tuck is a member of the Nirvana Flats Motorcycle club and a florist. Oh, he’s also a Dom. Bridie… well I’m not gonna ruin it for you. You’ll need to read it. This book has suspense, loss, love and redemption.

Here is an excerpt: (This takes place in Tuck’s florist shop)

Slamming the fridge closed, I turn around a bit embarrassed at being caught helping myself. I throw him a sheepish smile, and it’s returned with one hell of a delicious looking grin.

Wow, I melt a little at the sight of him. He’s tall and a bit on the skinny side, dressed in jeans, a black Motley Crue t-shirt, and cowboy boots. If I were to guess, I’d say he’s in his early forties. His face is thin, yet well proportioned. He’s not model handsome, but still sexy as hell, with his day-old scruffy face stubble and a bit too long dark brown hair. Remarkably, he doesn’t seem angry at finding me rummaging through his shop.

Stepping away from the fridge, I smile, wave and try to answer normally but fail miserably. “Just me,” comes out of my mouth in a weird squeak.

Did I just wave? I want to kick my fat ass for looking like an idiot. I tell myself, Don’t be stupid here, say something nice. The first thing that comes to mind is, “Nice store you have here.” I give myself a mental slap for being so unoriginal.

He smiles at the compliment. “Thanks.”

Wait, he’s looking at me funny like I’m from another planet or something? I blurt out, “I wasn’t trying to steal anything, I promise.”

I swear he’s ready to laugh, “Never thought you were.”

Maybe I can get him to actually laugh; I know I’d feel better if he did. “I don’t want to end up in jail for stealing a plant.”

I don’t get the laugh I’m hoping for, only a question. “What were you doing anyway?”

“Looking for something different, something unusual.”

He crosses his arms, raises one eyebrow, and smirks at me. In a deep voice, he asks, “What do you mean by unusual?”

Oh, hell no. He sounded like a Dom just then. Oh Bridie, stop it, not every man you meet is in the lifestyle.

Where are my manners? I introduce myself. “Hi, my name is Brigid Murphy, but everybody calls me Bridie.” I offer him my hand. Should I curtsy too? No girl, the hand is enough.

His hand is so big it covers mine completely as he gives me a firm handshake. Tripping over his words he tells me, “I’m Bob Tucker, but everybody calls me Tuck.”

Did he say what I think he said? I double check, “Your nickname is Fuck?”

He responds with a large belly laugh and a manly snort, “Only when I’m in trouble. It’s Tuck with a T.”

Get to know Kathy!

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Knowing Beth:

Thanking Stars:

Soap and Water:

Perfect for Me: