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KB Blitz: Tartan Temptation by Kayden Claremont

Tartan Temptation by Kayden Claremont

GENRE: Paranormal Erotic Romance



Financial planner Cora Siegfried has returned to her hometown to settle her late father’s estate. Get in, get out, that’s the plan. When she’s almost run over by a kilt-wearing hottie on a motorcycle, all her well-laid plans go up in smoke, and all she can think about is getting well laid by her childhood crush. But after what she hoped would be a one-night stand, leaving him might not be as easy. Talk about a tartan temptation.

With his throne on the line, Brodie Murdock needs to secure his kingdom by taking a bride. When the only woman he’s ever wanted steps right into his path, he knows the legends are true. She is his destiny. The feisty female isn’t hard to seduce into his bed for the night, but she’s proving difficult to convince they are meant for forever. And then there’s the secret that could destroy any chance of their future—a secret he’s not ready to confess. Not until his stubborn soul mate admits she needs him for more than sex.

Excerpt One:

mediakit_bookcover_tartantemptationHe couldn’t believe his ears. Her dream as a child was to be a mermaid princess. If she only knew that he could make her dream come true.

She pulled away from him. “You don’t understand what I’m talking about, do you?”

He needed to grasp what the mermaid meant to her. Was it just to be different from the other girls, or did she really want a life as a mermaid? “Why don’t you tell me what it means to you?”

“The story goes, a mermaid sees a prince on a ship and falls in love with him. The problem is he’s human. They can never be together. Then the wicked sea witch offers to make her human if she gives up her voice. She decides he’s worth the sacrifice. She becomes a mute human with legs, and they live happily ever after.”

“That’s quite a story.” He needed her to tell him more. “Do you believe in happily ever after?”

“That’s fiction.” The mermaid on her shoulder appeared to judge him.

“Is it?”

“Isn’t it?”

Brodie touched the mermaid on her shoulder. “Well, I believe in happily ever after, and I think you do, too.”

She brushed his hand from her shoulder, as if it were an annoying fly. “That’s for romantics. I live in the real world.”

He bent and kissed her shoulder. “How about we compromise on happily for now?”

AUTHOR Bio and Links:

Kayden loves sexy, well-crafted stories of lust and love.  Her sensuous style drives the characters in lustful romps. When she is not crafting erotic romantic stories, she can be found crocheting or making jewelry.

Kayden is a member of Romance Writers of America, Toronto Romance Writers, and Writing Community of Durham Region.

She hopes you enjoy her other books, Hell’s Bounty, Timeless Passion, and Red Hot all published by The Wild Rose Press.

Kayden loves to hear from her readers. You can contact her on Facebook or at her website:







 Kayden will be awarding a $10 Amazon or B/N GC to a randomly drawn winner via rafflecopter during the tour.

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Kissing Bandits Blitz: DC Renfroe

Kissing Bandits Welcomes D.C. Renfroe

Barrier by D.C. Renfroe

GENRE: Romance Thriller


Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000040_00057]When Claire Luna is kidnapped and taken to a remote island, her predictable life is torn to shreds. She thought she understood grief, loss and loneliness. But nothing prepared her for the island.

Tucker Knight had his world turned upside down when he was a young teen. He’d known love, security and normality. But things changed, and somehow he lost his innocence along the way.

Barrier takes you on a compelling, thrilling and sometimes brutal journey of Claire and Tucker, who in a bid to control their destiny, must learn about trust and submission. And also about love.

The island is under the control of Dr. Stephen Bell, a scientist obsessed with the secrets of humanity through genetic engineering. Claire is part of his obsession, and quickly comprehends Bell’s twisted intentions. She is forced to decide between submission and life-altering consequences. In her desperate attempt to survive, Claire surprises Bell and Tucker with her strength to fight.

But, can she trust Tucker? Is he her enemy or her savior? Claire understands that to surrender means to survive, but can she endure? Tucker can’t help but be enamored by the spirited and determined Claire, but to survive, he must face and overcome his haunting past. Up until Claire’s arrival on the island, he had never thought himself capable, or deserving, but perhaps this was his chance to finally do the right thing.


I dug my feet into the carpet. If I was to choose the path that surrendered me to this island, it would not be without a fight.

Tucker saw the defiance in my face, the change in my stance.

“Don’t do this, Claire.” He came closer. I didn’t respond. “Please, it’s just a few tests.” He was inches away. His voice was low. He shifted his eyes from me to the door.

I felt the betrayal I had on the beach, when I realized he was stopping me, keeping me here, like Bell.

He must have seen my skepticism. His expression twisted into hurt.

“I’m not your enemy, Claire.”

I braced myself for flight, poised like a cat ready to pounce. My knees bent slightly. I rotated to the balls of my feet for more sprint speed.

“Claire.” His voice was a warning.

I sprung. Toward the back of the house, where there were less guards.

He bolted after me. I was a tenth of a second faster than him. He made it to the door of the bedroom, just as I was closing it, his hands hit the door. I locked the knob. His fists slammed into the wood.

“Claire, don’t do this. Please, you don’t know him like I do.” He was talking about Bell. A painful burn filled my stomach. He was right. I didn’t know him like he did, which only reminded me he was the adversary. He was a part of the assemblage I was fighting against. He was who I was running from.

I pushed the window open, pushed the screen, and climbed out. My feet landed in the soft grass. I paused, looking in each direction.

The guards were at the front door, expecting me to emerge from the house with Tucker. Tucker’s pounding on the door would only give me seconds before they realized what I had done.

My knees bent and flung me forward. I ran toward the fence. If the barbed wired didn’t slice me to pieces, the tower guard would surely shoot me, but so be it.

I ran hard. My heart rate pounded in my ears like music, a rhythmic, steady, swift beat.

My hands landed on the fence, it clattered and sung from the impact. One foot lifted and fit snugly in one of the rungs of the fencing. My other foot lifted and almost made it into its place before strong hands flung me from my place. The hands hurled me to the ground. I thumped against the hard ground. I felt the air leave my lungs. Each breath was like sucking through a straw.

One of the guards was standing over me. He put one foot on each side of me and crouched down. He wrapped his hand around my throat. I closed my eyes. This was it, the moment I had prayed for since I had been snatched into that van. Surely he would kill me.

AUTHOR Bio and Links:mediakit_authorphoto_barrier

I began writing many years ago and put it aside to raise a family. I put myself through college working toward a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication, which I have almost completed. I took every writing class that was offered and finally put pen to paper after dreaming of completing a novel for almost twenty years. In the meantime, I worked as a freelance journalist for a local newspaper briefly and wrote a personal blog while living in south Florida. I currently work as an Instructional Designer based in Austin, Texas. I am a mother of four and truly believe they are my greatest creation! Two of my children inherited my love of writing and I encourage them to write every chance they get!

The book will be $0.99 during the tour.


The author will be awarding $10 Amazon or B/N GC to a randomly drawn winner via Rafflecopter during the tour.

Enter to win a $10 Amazon/BN GC – a Rafflecopter giveaway

More tour dates can be found HERE.

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Kissing Bandits Interview: Krista Ames

Kissing Bandits Welcomes Krista Ames

1. Tell us about your first kiss (RL or in the story)?  
cowboyOh boy I remember my first kiss like it was yesterday. When I was a freshman in High School, i was dating a Junior from another school in another town.  We saw each other on the weekends when our families went square dancing.  That’s actually where we met. Once we started dating, we didn’t do much dancing though.  We spent all our time outside walking around holding hands.  One night it was super cold and we were walking and i was a little ahead of him when he stopped and pulled me around to face him and planted that first kiss. He didn’t even give me time to think. So glad, it was pretty amazing 🙂  We married other people but are still good friends to this day.
2. Share a fun fact or story about yourself.
I don’t know that i’m really that fascinating of a person.  I do like to square dance though.  I suppose that’s a rare thing 🙂
3. Blurb
 Dr. Miranda Chase didn’t want to be back home but she’d do just about anything for her dad including temporarily taking over his veterinarian practice. However, once she met Garrett, she wanted to drop everything and run.  Cocky cowboys just weren’t her thing.

Garrett Jackson cares more about his horse than himself or anyone else and when a tiny bit of a thing calling herself a vet blows into his life like a tornado, he’s literally knocked for a loop. He doesn’t have time for women.

But, when Garrett’s horse turns up missing, Miranda isn’t going anywhere. Forced to work together, they’ll learn a little bit about each other or die trying.

 rb4ucowboy-buyad4. Excerpt

No matter, apparently her family dynamic, or lack thereof, meant nothing to this sour man. She would bow out gracefully. He had enough on his hands at the moment.

“Ahem.” She cleared her throat in the hopes of stopping his grumbling. “I was sent by Doc Chase, not that you would care, but I’m just going to leave. I think you have bigger problems here than my…how did you put it?…cute little ass and doctor bag?” She shifted to her left, ready to head out of the barn. “When you find your horse, call Doc’s office, and they’ll find someone else to come out.”

He stared. She turned to walk away.

“Wait.”He ran after her, grabbing an upper arm. “What do you mean when I find my 

“Exactly what I said, Mr. Jackson. Your horse was not in the stall. I’m Miranda Chase, Doc’s daughter, and while I’d love to go back to wherever the hell it is I came from, which by the way is Montana, where I have my own practice, I can’t. And, right now I have more important things to do than stand here while you call me names. Good day, sir.” She curtsied, like a smartass, turned, and stepped away again.

Normally Miranda didn’t let men direct her or tell her what to do, yet when this man yelled, it stopped her in her tracks. When he’d grabbed her arm, she pretended not to have any reaction, but his hands had such a gentle roughness, she suddenly wanted them all over her body.

Now, hearing his stern voice “sexy, deep, and extremely Southern” she felt a quiver run straight to her core. Damn, she did not need another man distracting her. They all turned out to be no good. Maybe that’s why her daddy never acknowledged her as family? Maybe she was too much trouble for him, and he”d wished all along she had been a boy!

She turned toward the sexy voice of the tall, dark and dreamy cowboy, and for a second time, he walked right up into her personal space.

“I’m confused. We can talk about you and Doc and why you’re here later. Why isn’t my horse in his stall?”

“How the hell should I know?” Miranda shrugged. Did this guy have shit for brains? Total outer package, and yeah…she glanced lower…that part of the package appeared outstanding too, but nothing going on upstairs so far as she could tell.

“You were in my barn, what did you do to him? You’re coming with me.” Without giving her a chance to answer, he latched onto her upper arm, dragging her back to the barn. 

“Let me go, you lunatic. I didn’t do anything with your horse. I came to do his physical, just like I was scheduled, and since your horse isn’t here, I’m moving on to my next appointment.” Her struggle was pointless; he was too strong to pull away from. She glared at him, but apparently intimidation wasn’t her thing, he continued without being affected.

“Oh no, not until we get to the bottom of this.”

“You’re a damned arrogant ass. Why is this my problem?”

“How do I know you didn’t do something with him?”

“Oh my God! And what, may I ask, would I do with a 2000-pound animal, hide him in my cute little doctor bag?”

Buy your copy today:


Barnes and Noble

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Kissing Bandits Interview: Tina Donahue from Roping the Cowboy

First Kisses Set the Stage for What’s to Come…

cowboyEven though I write erotic romance with lots of heat (and heart), I’ve always found first kisses challenging to write.

Ideally, the moment will be sexy but also emotionally intimate. Not an easy task to accomplish, especially when the characters have just met or haven’t been friends for years.

In some books, I’ve gotten around the dilemma by having the characters tease each other before the Big Moment. Humor always makes things easier, at least for me. In other instances, the kiss will seemingly come out of the blue. However, there are soulful glances preceding it.

The idea is to wow and to make the moment appear realistic. That’s what makes writing fun.

In Pleasuring Pandora, Pandora has wanted Jack for years. He’s never noticed her, until now. His world shifts and so does hers. Their first kiss takes place in a Texas honkytonk. Here’s the excerpt:


 Simone and Lupe pulled her into the building.

The heat punished worse than outside, this warmth generated by countless bodies and raging hormones. Couples danced, cuddled, kissed, and groped to the thunderous beat. Unattached guys hung out at the bar, played pool or darts, and eyed the single ladies. An acrid cloud hung heavy enough to kill a five-pack-a-day smoker.

Lupe elbowed Pandora. “Smile.”

“Can’t.” Simone pointed to her mouth. “Stupid braces.”

“Not you. Her.” She jabbed Pandora. “Go on.”

She couldn’t get her lips to work. Jack strolled through the smoky haze with more macho than Moses had through the Red Sea and stopped directly in front of her, seemingly conjured up for her pleasure. Black jeans hugged his long legs, dress boots his big feet. His black shirt fit snug, the sleeves folded back to expose his forearms. A huge silver buckle displaying the letter R graced his belt. He’d left enough stubble for a dangerous edge and looked good enough to eat.

The room spun.

“Jack Ryder.” He put out his hand. “We’ve met, right?”

“Sure.” Simone giggled. “Pandora gave you a ticket this afternoon. Remember?”

The heat in his eyes said he didn’t…or maybe he did. Pandora couldn’t be certain.

“That’s right.” He smiled slow and lazy. “Officer Perez. We meet again. Great tat.” He stroked it.

Tingles shot up her arm. Her throat constricted, making speech impossible. She slipped her hand into his.

He shook firmly, proving his strength, but kept it gentle, too, though not enough to let her get away. With skill honed from a thousand conquests, he eased her closer and fondled her fingers.

Not about to play dead, she stroked his thumb.

He reeled her in, their knees bumping, thighs touching. Noise receded, along with the crowd. Only he remained, his eyes sparkling in the faint light.

He cupped her face.

Not even death would have kept her from enjoying his touch. This felt too good and right. What should have happened years ago.

She melted into him, eager to start their journey no matter the final destination. Only fun mattered, experiencing what beautiful people did so effortlessly.

He stroked her cheek, his gesture surprisingly tender. “We good so far?”

Whiskey scented his breath, musk his bod, making her bold. “Definitely, but I want more.”

Mischief and lust danced in his eyes. “What did you have in mind?”

“Why don’t you show me?”

Intense and all male, he lowered his mouth to hers and slipped his tongue inside.


 This luscious cowboy’s been on her radar for years, but he’s never noticed her. A speeding ticket changes everything, leading to a sultry weekend and no-holds-barred romance—Texas style.

Line from my novel: She bit her lip then pressed his license to her nose, hoping to catch his scent.  Why I like this line: In Pleasuring Pandora, Pandora’s a cop in Triumph, a small Texas town. She’s had her eye on Jack, a sexy cowboy, for years. The only way she figures he’ll ever know she’s alive is if she tickets him for speeding, not wearing his seatbelt, and speaking on his cellphone while he’s driving. (He does that a lot). Once she has his driver’s license in hand and is back in her squad car, she presses the license to her nose to capture his scent. Poor gal has it bad. If you’ve guessed this is a romantic comedy, you’d be right. J

Fun fact about myself: I wrote and illustrated my first book when I was 9 years old. Called it Dimples the Adventurous Flea. Made copies and sold the book to the neighbors. My first book tour.

Buy Link for Amazon:


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Kissing Bandits Character Interview: Bound by Juliet Braddock

The Interview: Maxine Kirk and Benjamin Worthington

KB: Welcome to Kissing Bandits Blog! Tell us a little bit about yourself!

Maxine Kirk: Well, thank you, Michele and Kissing Bandits for hosting us today! I’m Maxine Kirk. I’m a theatrical publicist in New York, and living my dreams to the fullest…including my marriage to my very own teenage crush (and star on Broadway)—Drew McKenzie.

Benjamin Worthington: And I’m Ben Worthington, Maxine’s Gay Boyfriend. Not to be confused with her real boyfriend…now husband…Drew. But he was detained this afternoon. He’s an actor. He had rehearsal for his next show. But I love taking sloppy seconds. And he’s willing to share Max. So here I am!

KB: The first kiss sets the tone for a relationship. Tell us about your first kiss. (Excerpt okay!) Were you nervous? Excited? Shocked?

MK: My first kiss with Drew, or my first kiss with Ben?

BW: Oh, your first kiss with Drew was boring. So he kissed you on a balcony overlooking the twinkling light of Manhattan in the middle of a torrential downpour? It was so Streisand. (Ben clears his throat and begins to sing Barbra.) “Kiss me in the rain…”

MK: Hey, Drew left me breathless.

BW: My first kiss didn’t leave you breathless? That sloppy, drunken smash of my lips to your cheek on the way back from some college party? And I even said to you, “You are my best friend, Captain…”

MK: I’m pretty sure that you bruised my face.

BW: And you liked it, you sassy submissive, you…

KB: Maxine, how did you get the nickname “Captain”?

MK: Well, this one night back in college, Ben was drunk. Again.

BW: And so was the Captain.

MK: Two beers.

BW: You were drunk!

MK: Two beers, and we were bored. It was a Friday night. Spent the last of our cash on the beer. We really couldn’t find any good reality TV. But we kept flipping through the channels, and suddenly, we found a Star Trek Marathon. And all of a sudden, Ben just started rolling around all over the floor, giggling like a wild hyena.

BW: I wasn’t that drunk.

MK: Just admit it, Ben.

BW: Your Dad’s gonna read this.

MK: Not unless you show it to him!

BW: I love Papa Kirk!

MK: Everyone loves Papa Kirk! Now…pardon our behavior here today, Kissing Bandits. Let me continue. So there’s Ben, rolling all over the floor, pointing at me and shouting, “You’re Captain Kirk! You’re Captain Kirk!”

BW: You’d never even watched an episode of Star Trek before that!

MK: Still haven’t.

BW: Well, maybe you should—oh, Captain, my Captain!

KB: What has been your greatest challenge?

BW: On a serious note…being gay. My parents didn’t accept me for a number of years, and my mother is only coming around now. Maxine’s parents always welcomed me and just loved me the way I am. That was tough for me. Now, though, I work with LGBTQ youth at the first high school of its kind in Manhattan. I want to give back to them and let them know that they’re gonna be just fine—and that they are worthy of love just the way they are.

MK: Likewise, my greatest challenge was a sobering one. I lost my mom when I was in college. Living each day without her has been painful. She didn’t get to see me live out my dream of moving to New York. She never saw the success I’ve had in

Legs of a couple, isolated on white background with panties off

my career. And most of all, she’s missed every moment since I met and married Drew. But I have a strong network of people I love and who love me back. Each and every one of them has stepped in to fill her shoes in her absence. I’m one lucky girl.

KB: Brag time–what is your greatest point of pride?

MK: Staving off an orgasm for an entire afternoon while driving through France with Drew…while he tortured and teased me the entire trip!

BW: Uh, your dad’s gonna read this.

MK: Ooops!

KB: Name 3 of your favorite things.

MK: Polkadots. Paris. And Paddles.

BW: Lady Gaga. Real Housewives of New York. Lady Gaga. Can I add one more? Lady Gaga.

KB: Turn-ons?

MK: Hairbrushes.

BW: Edible cinnamon panties.

MK: Like the pair you ate at my wedding shower?

KB: Turn-offs?

MK: Tickling. It’s the only true way that Kind Sir can punish me, since I love pain so much.

BW: Do we have to discuss your sex life again?

MK: It’s by far more interesting than your Vanilla World.

BW: Hey, Jeffrey and I occasionally enjoy a night of role play.

MK: Do we have to talk about your sex life again?

Adultery. Low section of business couple getting intimate on floor in office

KB: Share a funny or interesting anecdote (excerpt okay!)

BW: Oooh!  Oooh! I have one!

MK: (Burying her face with her hands) Oh, no! Ben knows where all the bodies are buried!

BW: How about the first time that Drew slept over when we were still roomies?

MK: He’s going to hurt you for this, you do realize that, right?

BW: He’s all bark and no bite.

MK: (Clutching her stomach with a deep groan): Here we go…

BW: Captain here thought she was so slick, sneaking her actor friend into her bedroom in the middle of the night. She never even really dated—imagine how surprised I was to find this studly…

MK: Benjamin

BW: Muscled…

MK: Come on!

BW: Oh, he has a six-pack, and you’ve written your name all over it.

MK: Stop, please?

BW: Lo and behold…it was very early that Saturday morning, and as I rubbed the sleep from my eyes, I stumbled into the kitchen to find Adonis in his boxer briefs, burning toast for his newly beloved for breakfast!

MK: (Blushing crimson) Oh, this chagrin is going to swallow me whole…

BW: At least he felt bad and we got a new toaster out of it—and a fire extinguisher!

MK: Oh, I hope Drew spanks me for all of this…

BW: Have faith, Cap. Where there’s a Drew…there’s a way…

What is Bound about?

Through dungeons and castles in the most glamorous cities around the world, Drew, a rising star on Broadway, brought publicist Maxine’s wanton desires to life. Five years later, changes have come to their lives, and Drew and Maxine find themselves facing a life-altering decision. Although their pursuit of kinky pleasures never wanes, will they discover that the happiest place on earth really is right in their own chaotic home?

Excerpt from Bound:

Bound Final - ebookOUCH!” she wailed, panting for breath as the fifth strike of Drew’s leather belt sliced over her ass. “Fuckballs!”

“Excuse me, Miss Merryweather…” Drew’s panic-stricken eyes caught hers. “My parents are staying in the next fucking room!”

Maxine should have known better than to agree to scene on a family vacation—particularly in one of the oldest seaside resorts in Provincetown. However, Drew had a way of coercing her, and she found her arms tethered to the four-poster bed, bound by the tie that he’d worn to dinner the previous evening. Admittedly, Drew hated using anything made of silk to restrain her, as the knot could easily slip, but Maxine had forgotten the hemp rope. This was her punishment.

“Damn in-laws…” she muttered.

“Okay, that’s it. You’re now up to fifty whacks, Miss Merryweather,” Drew said and snapped the belt through the air again. “And you’ll apologize for that remark.”

“Oh, Sir, I love them—you know I do!” she insisted. “Just…why can’t we be on another floor?”

“Because you, spoiled one,” he began, his voice carrying so menacingly between them, “wanted the fucking French suite…”


The hand towel from the stack in the bathroom always made a great gag for Maxine—even though she always complained afterward about the fuzz in her mouth.

Buy Links:





Meet Juliet Braddock

Juliet Braddock loves eighties music, wine, food, theater and all things French. When she’s not exploring the big cities of the world—most notably Paris—she lives and writes in Manhattan, and is the proud cat mom to a very spoiled Russian Blue rescue.

Find Juliet here:



Twitter: @julietbraddock


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Kissing Bandits Guest Blogger: Ashish Malpani #TenDaysInOctober

Kissing Bandits Welcomes Ashish Malpani


Ten Days in October

Significance of the title ‘Ten Days in October’ and Navratri

The story of this novel unfolds over ten days in October, but that is not the reason behind the title. The ten days have great significance not only from mythological and religious perspective but also for the plot. The first nine days of the story line happen over Hindu festival of Navratri, which literally means ‘nine-days’. Navratri is the celebration of feminine divinity in the form of universal mother, Devi (Goddess). The first three days celebrate the Devi in the form of Durga, second set of three days honor the Devi as Lakshmi, and final three days are dedicated to Saraswati. Riding a lion, armed with weapons of Gods Goddess Durga is destroyer of evil and epitomizes valor. Lakshmi is goddess of wealth and prosperity. Not just material but also spiritual wealth and purpose are the blessings of this form. Saraswati is celebration of knowledge and wisdom. She is often depicted sitting on a rock, symbolizing the knowledge that stays with us always. Following the nine days of rituals and worship, the 10th day is celebrated as Dussehra, which is also known as Vijaya- Dashmi. It is celebrated to mark the victory of Lord Rama over the demon, Ravana.

Even when so much emphasis and respect is given to the mother form of God, India is still trying to combat the growth in crime against women from female feticide and infanticide to harassment and dowry deaths. With just 10% women representation in government and parliament the laws that deem everyone equal don’t always do justice and fall short. The perpetrators get away because of lack of political and enforcement will power, misuse of power and corruption.

The novel is inspired by one of the dark incidents that happened around my home town in India. The ten days unfold a trail of bodies that the protagonist Inspector Shivaji Chavan is forced to chase. As the story progresses, we find out that victims are hardened criminals who graduated from petty crimes to the more serious ones. The only question that demands an answer is that ‘Does the victims’ past catch up to them?’ If yes then what was so dark about that past and how does Navratri relate to it?

I do believe that my choice of the title not fits the writing style but also gives the first clue to the readers.


Print5 a.m. phone call broke Police Inspector Shivaji Chavan’s sleep informing him that local jeweler Anil Kokate, was found hanging from a tree on the banks of Pravara River in a small town of rural India. Although the signs point to an open and shut case of suicide, Chavan suspects foul play. While trying to find the missing pieces of the story he finds more hidden skeletons and comes across astonishing & cruel past of the victim. What begins as a routine investigation quickly turns darker, ruthless and pressing. Can Chavan handle the pressure of his superiors, local media and frightened masses? Can he navigate the system to reach the killer? Can he solve the moral dilemma when he comes face to face with the killer?

AUTHOR Bio and Links:

MediaKit_AuthorPhoto_TenDaysInOctoberAshish Malpani is an Indian-American freelancer and blogger. Born in Sangamner, a small town in rural India, he spent much of his adult life in Austin, Texas. A technology product marketer by trade, Ashish earned his MSE from Purdue University and MBA from the University of Texas.

Ashish fell in love with reading and traveling at a young age. As a kid he had two dreams in life: to write a novel and to travel around the world. Thirty eight countries and counting, Ashish has explored various cultures and captured the world through the lens of his camera with his wife Samta and son Ayan.

Author website:



Buy Links:

Paperback (US Edition $7.99):

Paperback (UK Edition £5.49):

Paperback (Germany, France, Spain & Italy Edition €7.79- €8.02):

E-Book (Kindle Edition WW $5.99):

Smashwords (iBook/ Nook etc. Edition):

There’s a giveaway! Follow the stops on this tour to enter more often:

Ashish Malpani will be awarding $10 Amazon or Barnes and Noble GC to a randomly drawn winner via rafflecopter during the tour.

Enter to win a $10 Amazon/BN GC – a Rafflecopter giveaway

Visit more stops on this tour.

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Kissing Bandits Interview: Bella Juarez

Kissing Bandits Welcomes Bella Juarez


1. Tell us about your first kiss:

In Out of Order the first kiss was explosive and leads to a chain reaction of unspoken passion and  it’s a defining moment in their story.  For Lars, who is a confirmed bachelor, he believes  he may have found someone who could understand him and for Marianna it’s the moment she begins to heal and move on from her departed husband.

2. Share one line from your story. What do you love about it?

When Lars says to Marianna “Trust me, Marie,”  This is a difficult moment in the novel.   Marianna finds out Lars isn’t what he seems.  It’s a very difficult and confusing moment and leaves the two of them divided.

3. What is the biggest risk you’ve ever taken?

Releasing a novel.  It’s a nail bitter every time I do it.  You would think after awhile, it would be easy but no matter how much I want to believe it’s just a business, there’s still a piece of my heart that I pour in to it.

What is Out of Order about?

Dom Persusions CoverJournalist Marianna Banta embarks on a search for a faceless drug lord who gunned down her husband, and submissive.  When Marianna follows the killer’s bloody trail to Tampa, she finds herself face to face with a man who could derail her quest.

Green Beret MSGT Lars Nielson has returned from the battlefields of the Middle East. Memories of violent, missions have taken up residence in his tortured mind, leaving him broken.  He comes to Tampa on a secret quest of his own and finds a challenge.  When he takes a job as a bartender at a local BDSM club, he becomes fascinated by the fine art of Shibari, and while tying the intricate knots, his troubled mind finds peace.

When Lars and Marianna meet at her family’s BDSM club, there is an instant attraction they can’t deny.  Can Lars coax a lifelong Domme into the coils of his Shibari ropes?

Enjoy this excerpt from Out of Order by Bella Juarez–Featured in the Dominant Persuasions Anthology

Bella Juarez“Mari—“

“Shush, just hold me,” she whispered against his lips.

Without another word, Lars seized her in a hungry kiss. Liquid heat coursed through every inch of his being and set every nerve on fire when they connected. He slid his tongue along her upper lip, and she opened to him. He growled in response, sliding his hand up to her nape where he tangled his fingers through a handful of her hair. He kissed her deeper, exploring and savoring the taste of her. He’d hold her; he could spend a lifetime holding her. No other woman had ever had such a sudden impact on him as Marianna. Even though every rational thought told him to run the other direction, he defied it—just like a moth toward the flame that would eventually destroy it. One hand mapped her body while the other held her secure against him. He squeezed tighter, and her low, sensual moan let him know he was doing it right.

Wicked thoughts of fucking her once then leaving crept into his mind. She would be his undoing in so many ways. He broke their kiss. He had to stop before this situation went completely sideways for him. He cupped her face hoping she would be the voice of reason.

“Do you think this a good idea?” he asked.

“No, I get the feeling we’re both pretty fucked up.”

Who the hell was he kidding? He gripped her shoulder in an attempt to push her away. Once would never be enough. He had to muster his control and focus. He still had a job to do. Marianna dug her nails into his back and gently bit his lower lip.

It was as if she’d thrown gasoline on dying fire.

Something small and dangerous ignited the soul he thought he’d lost long ago. The simple act of creating pain and pleasure made him react in a way he never thought possible. Pushing logic away, he gave himself over to greedy lust. Resistance to her erotic call would be an exercise in futility and the slight pain of her nails with the bite whispered temptations he’d fought since seeing her casually sipping a glass of wine. She was the woman of his dreams, resilient and so taboo, a mystery to unravel and peel back layer by sweet layer. She was a woman who embodied sin and delight to a degree he hadn’t allowed himself to imagine was possible.

The call to his dark side was irresistible. He’d disregarded the appeal of what he’d seen at the club because he didn’t want to understand it. The honesty of it painfully pointed out the flaws in his relationships with women. In an instant, Marianna brought it all into crystal clarity. Submission and Domination were a beautiful dance of trust and surrender by both sides. Lars had been courting the wrong sort of woman. He needed a strong, determined woman who could take care of herself not a weak, co-dependent, manipulative bitch who used him to get what she wanted. He’d find a way to make this work and with a capable, intelligent partner he’d finally find the peace and happiness that had eluded him for so long. He’d give his queen the security she needed, and he hoped she’d give him acceptance he’d never had.

Get your copy of Domminant Persuasions today

Submission Dance by Lori King

Out of Order by Bella Juarez

Surrender Her Inhibitions by Nicole Morgan

Make Believe Submissive by Daisy Philips

Under His Protection by Doris O’Connor

Broken by Julia Sykes

The Sub That Got Away by Amy J. Hawthorn

In His Hands by Raven McAllan

Indulge by Sherri Hayes

Submitting To Temptation by Jan Graham

Fire and Ice (An Excerpt from KNOTTED) by Juliet Braddock

Yes, Justin (Expanded Edition) by Michele Zurlo

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Kissing Bandits Interview: Sherri Hayes

Kissing Bandits Welcomes Sherri Hayes


  1. Tell us about your first kiss (novel or RL)

My first kiss was with a boy I didn’t like. So why was I kissing him, you ask? Because we were in a school production together and that’s what the script called for. A kiss. And unfortunately, because it was a production I had to kiss him at least a dozen times before it was all said and done.
2. Share one line from your story. What do you love about it?

He owned my heart and I wanted to give my whole self to him for more than just a few hours at a time.

I think this line in the story shows the depth of Logan and Lily’s relationship and their connection.
3. What is the biggest risk you’ve ever taken?

What is Indulge about?

Dom Persusions CoverThat would probably be publishing my first novel. I didn’t grow up thinking I’d be a writer. It’s something I sort of fell into. Putting my first novel out into the world where people would actually pay to read my words was filled with anxiety.

Logan Mattson has been dating Lily Adams for a year and he wants to do something special for their anniversary. What better way to celebrate than to take her away for the weekend and indulge in all her kinky desires?


Enjoy this excerpt of Indulge by Sherri Hayes–Featured in the Dominant Persuasions Anthology

indulge-2“Are you cold?”

I shook my head. Even though I was wearing a skirt, there was heat in the tramcar. Besides, I was used to my legs being uncovered most of the time. I wore a skirt to the office almost every day.

He bent his head to kiss me. It was soft and full of gentle suction.

There was a slight jerk as the tramcar eased up next to a booth similar to the one at the bottom of the mountain. A woman approached us and opened the door so we could exit.

Logan went first and then helped me out.

“Thank you, Sir.” The woman seemed unfazed by my response. She probably figured it was said in teasing because he was being a gentleman helping me out.

He grinned and tucked my hand in the crook of his elbow as we strolled into the chalet. It reminded me of our cabin with all the wood everywhere, but it was larger. There was a place for people to buy souvenirs, tables where people could sit and eat, and even a small sitting area.

We browsed the souvenirs but didn’t find anything that interested us. Eventually we ended up out on the deck that overlooked Lake Superior. He stood behind me, his arms wrapped around my waist.

“It’s so peaceful here,” I whispered.

Logan hummed as he rested his chin on top of my hair.

“Can I ask you something?”

He gave me a little squeeze. “You can ask me anything.”

“If it hadn’t been for Stephan, would you have embarked on this lifestyle with me? I mean, if we’d just met randomly, dated, and then I told you that’s what I was into, would you have given it a try? Or would you have run away from me as fast as your feet could take you?”

I felt his chest vibrate a little before his lips pressed against the top of my head. “I wish I could say that I still would have given us a shot, but I don’t know. When we met, there was this instant connection I felt to you . . . one I couldn’t explain. Maybe that would have been enough for me to try and give you what you needed. I’d like to think so.”

I turned in his arms and laced my fingers behind his neck. “But?”

Logan smiled. “But having Stephan to help me understand the hows and whys certainly make it easier. I don’t think we’d be where we are today without his assistance.”

Standing up on my tiptoes, I brushed my lips against Logan’s. “Guess I owe him a big thank you, huh? Maybe do something special for him?”

Logan dug his fingers into my skin and a sound almost like a growl bubbled up from his chest. He pressed my body flush against his. He knew I was teasing, but there was a part of him that still got jealous when it came to Stephan and me. I had played with Stephan first, after all.

I rubbed my hands up and down Logan’s back. His pupils dilated and I felt myself grow wetter. Why did his acting like this turn me on so much? I knew as an independent woman it shouldn’t, but that didn’t make the evidence to the contrary go away.

He grabbed my ass and plunged his tongue inside my mouth at the same time. “Mine.” He gasped as he came up for air and then dove back in. It was a good thing we were the only ones out on the deck at the moment.

Order your copy of Dominant Persuasions today

Submission Dance by Lori King

Out of Order by Bella Juarez

Surrender Her Inhibitions by Nicole Morgan

Make Believe Submissive by Daisy Philips

Under His Protection by Doris O’Connor

Broken by Julia Sykes

The Sub That Got Away by Amy J. Hawthorn

In His Hands by Raven McAllan

Indulge by Sherri Hayes

Submitting To Temptation by Jan Graham

Fire and Ice (An Excerpt from KNOTTED) by Juliet Braddock

Yes, Justin (Expanded Edition) by Michele Zurlo

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Kissing Bandits Interview: Lori King

Kissing Bandits Welcomes Lori King

1. Tell us about your first kiss?
My very first kiss was in Kindergarten!  His name was Joe and he kissed me behind the merry-go-round. It was a bit wet for my tastes. LOL
2. Share one line from your story. What do you love about it?
“Everyone knows the black knight steals away the princess at her first ball and seduces her.” – Lex Gregory
I think this line exemplifies the story. Marley comes in very innocent and naïve to the reality of BDSM, and Lex is experienced, but such a romantic at heart.
3. What is the biggest risk you’ve ever taken?
Leaving full-time work in banking for my writing career. It was scary as hell, but it worked out beautifully, thank God!

What is Submission Dance about?

Dom Persusions CoverMarley Saltzman has a secret fantasy. She wants to let go of everything, and submit to a Dominant. Intrigued by her friends BDSM lifestyle, she convinces him to put her on the guest list for his monthly fetish party. She had no idea how far out of her element she would be until she came face to face with an experienced Dom.

Lex Gregory has been nursing heartache and raising his daughter alone for so long he barely remembers what a submissive feels like at his feet. When he meets Marley, he can’t believe that the naïve woman ever thought she could handle kink. All too quickly his need for her refreshing innocence and lack of preconceived notions grows, and he has to have her.

The two begin a subtle dance of sexual submission and wit that leads to a night of passion and unanswered questions. Will this dance end in heartache, or will they both find their darkest fantasies fulfilled?

Enjoy this excerpt of Submission Dance by Lori King–Featured in the Dominant Persuasions Anthology

Lori KingThere was a wicked glint in his eyes that did strange things to her body. Her heart was racing and her palms were as damp as her panties. She was almost afraid to stand up from her seat again for fear she might now have a damp spot on the back of her skirt.

“Would you like to dance, Marley?” Lex asked, rising from the low slung chair. The height of her own seat put her face almost dead even with his crotch, and there was a distinct bulge under his zipper that she found very intriguing, but he didn’t seem to notice her predicament.

“I’m really not much of a dancer…” She stammered for an excuse not to get closer to him. He was too magnetic and charming for her. She was almost afraid that if she let him pull her onto the sparsely populated dance floor, she would turn into putty in his hands and never find herself again.

“The music is slow, and I know what I’m doing. Trust me to lead, and you’ll be fine.” She wasn’t sure if he intended the double meaning behind his words or not, but her clit certainly heard it.

Holding out his hand, he waited for her to lay her palm against his and then he tugged her to her feet. She swayed slightly, and he steadied her with a hand on her lower back just above the curve of her ass. Immediately, she had to fight the urge to press herself against his long muscular body. Certainly he already thought her an easy mark after that steaming kiss; rubbing against him like a cat in heat wouldn’t help her circumstance.

He led her onto the dance floor without another word, and before she could turn to face him, he spun her around once, and then twice, so that her balance was off and she fell into him.

With an arrogant grin on his face, he wrapped his arms around her back, and steadied them on the curve of her spine, but within proper distance from her ass. “Better, now just relax and let me guide you.  That’s right, sway with me. Dancing is like making love. It’s sensual, and there’s an exchange of power between every couple. You trust me to lead you in the right movements, and I trust you to follow me, but at any point you can walk away.” His hot breath whispered over her ear from above, and her cheek brushed the smooth silk of his shirt. “You have all the control, Marley.”

Lex continued to murmur instructions to her, softly seducing her with his body and his innuendos. Her breasts grew heavy and achy, and her nipples were diamond hard points that she knew were probably poking through the thin material covering them. She tipped her head back to look up into his deep blue eyes, and her knees grew weak at the intense lust burning there.

“Careful. If you slip I get to carry you off and say I swept you off your feet. That would make you my rightful prize to do with as I pleased for the night,” he whispered.

Marley snorted out a laugh, “Is that a party rule?”

“No, but everyone knows the black knight steals away the princess at her first ball and seduces her.”

Check out the Dominant Persuasions Anthology


Submission Dance by Lori King

Out of Order by Bella Juarez

Surrender Her Inhibitions by Nicole Morgan

Make Believe Submissive by Daisy Philips

Under His Protection by Doris O’Connor

Broken by Julia Sykes

The Sub That Got Away by Amy J. Hawthorn

In His Hands by Raven McAllan

Indulge by Sherri Hayes

Submitting To Temptation by Jan Graham

Fire and Ice (An Excerpt from KNOTTED) by Juliet Braddock

Yes, Justin (Expanded Edition) by Michele Zurlo

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Kissing Bandits Interview: Amy J. Hawthorn

Interview with Amy J. Hawthorn

Dom Persusions Cover1. First Kiss

My personal first kiss was as clumsy and awkward as it was sweet. Fortunately we got better at it as we got older because I married the man who evolved from that teenage boy.

2. Share one line from your story. What do you love about it?

“Don’t you dare give up on finding what makes you happy. I promise you, it’s worth the wait….”

This line is spoken by Ember’s close friend who had the courage to take a risk in her own life. For her it paid off and she’d love nothing more than to see Ember happy and fulfilled.

At heart, I’m an optimist and dreamer. Always have been, always will be. I hate to think of anyone settling for mediocre. I know it’s hard, but I believe we owe it to ourselves to never give up and fight for what makes up happy.

3. What is the biggest risk you’ve ever taken?
This was probably when we moved cross country years ago. My husband and I were young and incredibly naive. It was a big change. I sometimes wonder of it was the right decision or not. I think so, but…? Who knows? Now the thought of moving across town stresses me out, lol!

Blurb from The Sub That Got Away

Dr. Ember Ross dedicated her life to caring for her patients, always putting her needs last—including her need for submission.

Royce Damron has everything he could want in life. The only thing he lacks? The perfect sub.

When mutual friends use a new BDSM dating site to set them up, a clueless Royce takes things one step further, intending to keep their encounter an anonymous one-night stand. Unaware the woman he’s spent years pining for waits beneath the hood he insisted she wear, will he miss the sub that got away?

Enjoy this excerpt from The Sub That Got Away by Amy J. Hawthorn

Amy HawthornStanding in the bedroom of the hotel’s suite, Ember read over the instructions for the second time. A warm, not at all unpleasant, flush stole through her. She’d come this far. She wouldn’t let her fears take this from her.

Her Dom for the night waited in the other room. As she set her tote bag in the corner chair, she pondered the steps that brought her here. On an impulse, she’d given Beth the reins and let her friend do everything except fill out the preferences questionnaire. Her friend insisted that Ember at least do that part herself. A couple of days later Beth emailed her a set of directions from her prospective Dom. She’d looked them over and gave Beth the green light.

He’d instructed her to come to this hotel, this room and go immediately to the bedroom. There she’d find her next set of instructions.

He’d also insisted that they stay anonymous for their encounter.

She agreed. With no thanks to her schedule, she didn’t have the time to invest in a relationship. Not to mention, it wouldn’t be fair to her partner. Still, it didn’t mean she had to spend her nights alone.

Laying on the bed next to a black silk hood was a letter written in neat, bold handwriting. She was to strip down to nothing then put on the provided matching robe and hood.

How she needed this. Her fingers trembled as she unbuttoned her top. Work had been brutal over the past month and a warm bath with even the best book wouldn’t rid her of the oppressive stress. She just needed a few hours to block out the world. A desperate, clawing need to be someone else, even for a short time, threatened to drag her down to her knees.

She removed her bra and freed her breasts. Already they felt heavy, hypersensitive. She slid down her pants, folded them then placed them on the chair with her things. Hooking her fingers in the waistband of her panties, she took a deep breath. She slid them down her legs and bared herself to the empty room. Though the temperature was comfortable—perfect, even—her nipples hardened. The thin silk of the robe whispered over her skin as she pulled it on. The soft material rasped over her beaded nipples and they tingled with excitement when she pulled the robe closed and tied the belt around her waist.

She twisted her long hair into a knot at her nape then pulled the hood over her head, blocking her vision. Dim light came through the soft fabric and the world became a fuzzy, muted place.

Taking the last instruction to heart, she stood facing the foot of the bed with her back to the door and waited. Anticipation made her alert, eager.

Long seconds ticked by.

Please let this be what I need. Hope beat a dangerous rhythm in her chest. Driven to the point of desperation, she didn’t know how she’d stand the disappointment if it didn’t work.

“Good girl.” Sounding quiet, a little rough, and all masculine, he whispered right into her ear. She hadn’t heard his approach and wondered how that could be possible. His warm presence bathed her five foot nine-inch frame. How could someone so large move so quietly?

“Since you followed my directions, we can get to business even faster.” She held her stance and waited. “Turn around, sub.”

Oh, that voice. The decadence hidden behind it alone just might make this worth it. She turned around. Before her stood a tall, broad, shadowy figure. She waited breathlessly for his next command, eager to hear him again.

Discover Dominant Persuasions

Submission Dance by Lori King

Out of Order by Bella Juarez

Surrender Her Inhibitions by Nicole Morgan

Make Believe Submissive by Daisy Philips

Under His Protection by Doris O’Connor

Broken by Julia Sykes

The Sub That Got Away by Amy J. Hawthorn

In His Hands by Raven McAllan

Indulge by Sherri Hayes

Submitting To Temptation by Jan Graham

Fire and Ice (An Excerpt from KNOTTED) by Juliet Braddock

Yes, Justin (Expanded Edition) by Michele Zurlo

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