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Playing Along (Awakenings 5)

Stephen Galen is a certified Nice Guy when it comes to dealing with women, and he’d found out the hard way that Nice Guys finish last. Burned by love one time too many, he wasn’t looking for anything except a casual liaison.

Paget Draven never let an experience pass her by, so when she has the chance to have a casual affair with the man she’s lusted after for two years, she seizes the day.

Being with a Dominatrix was unlike anything Stephen had ever experienced. The more he played along with her scintillating and sexy scenarios, the thinner the boundary became between real life and their playacting. Pushing her away was the only solution to keeping his heart safe.

But life doesn’t always follow even the most careful plan. When devastating news rocks Paget’s world, Stephen must decide whether to stand by her or lose her forever.

Flaming hot, sweet, funny, and heart-rending, Playing Along is a messy, emotional tale of life, love, and fighting for happiness when everything is on the line.

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“Put your hands behind the chair.” 

I sat still while she went behind the chair and used my tie to bind my wrists together. “Is this necessary? I hadn’t planned to touch you.” 

“It’s necessary, Stephen. I want our first kiss to knock your socks off.” 

It was a kiss, something brief and fleeting, not a reason for bondage. I opened my mouth to tell her that, but she pressed a finger to my lips. 

“Quiet darling. If you persist in speaking, I’ll have to gag you.” With that, she unbuttoned the top two buttons on my shirt. 

“Paget, this is a little much. I’d rather we both kept our clothes on.” 

“No clothes will be removed, baby. I promise.” 

She kept calling me ‘baby.’ I wasn’t sure how I felt about that. She also unbuttoned my shirt the rest of the way. I knew I should tell her to stop and to untie me, but I couldn’t bring myself to halt her game. She was assertive, and she’d skillfully controlled our interaction. 

“Nice,” she said. “You have a smoking hot body, Stephen.” She pressed her hands to my abdomen and dragged them up my chest. 

“This isn’t a kiss.” I’d meant to point out that she was going overboard, but there was too much wonder in my tone to make it stick. 

She reached under her dress, wiggled, and her panties fell down her legs. 

Before I could remind her that she’d promised no clothing would come off, she shoved them into my mouth. Then she tapped my lower lip. “Naughty boys are gagged with used panties. Suck on that like a good boy until I take them out.” 

They were silk and tiny, and I could spit them out if I wanted, but I kept them where she’d put them. I could taste the barest hint of her essence, enough to know she was aroused by this scene. 

My chair was padded, and it fit me well. Still Paget managed to straddle my lap. Her knees sank into the padding on either side of my thighs. She hiked up her dress to sit down, which showed me nothing, but I swore I could feel the heat of her pussy through my pants. 

Before I could think to protest, her hands were on me again. They moved over my chest in sensual swirls. Her lips skated up and down my neck, across my cheeks, and over my eyelids. They were soft and moist, and I’d never been so fucking turned on in my life. 

She nipped at my earlobe. “You’re being very good, Stephen. Soon, I’m going to take out the gag, and you’re going to ask very nicely for a kiss, and you’re going to call me Mistress.” 

Her breath tickled my ear, sending shivers through my body. She spent more time teasing her lips over my skin—never quite kissing, but arousing me all the same. Then her mouth brushed mine. She caught the edge of her panties in her teeth, and she pulled them from my mouth. 

You’d think my mouth would be dry, but that was only true for a second. Saliva rushed to fill the space in anticipation of something unlike anything I’d experienced. 

She let them fall between us. They landed on my swollen cock. The weight was no more than that of a cloth napkin, and yet I felt it press like the caress of her hand. 

“I think you like me, Stephen.” 

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Giving In (Awakenings 4)

Evan—A Dom in love with his vanilla best friend and enamored with a quirky older woman who enjoys submitting to him.
Alaina—Burned by love and tired of masking her true nature, she doesn’t want to risk her heart with two, passionate younger men.
Daniel—Torn between two lovers, he doesn’t see why he can’t have them both.

Daniel and Evan have been together—without being together—for nine years. The best friends share everything—except their lovers. When Alaina Miles walks into their lives, all of that changes.

Alaina isn’t on the same page. Over a decade older, she has things they don’t—a cheating ex, a child, and autism. A second chance at love isn’t part of her life plan.

Queen of BDSM Michele Zurlo brings you a scintillating tale of compromise, self-acceptance, and taking a chance on love even when it could cost everything.

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Excerpt 1—Alaina

 I realized part of my skirt was still stuck around my hips. Thankfully it was long enough to still cover me to mid-thigh. I smoothed my skirt back into place and disguised how I used that move to wipe off my palms. 

They were sweaty because I was nervous. 

Daniel DiMarco wanted to have sex with me. 


With me

Handsome didn’t begin to describe him. Tall, built, sexy—these words were too plain to capture the charm and charisma oozing from him. Dark needed to be in there, too. From his dark brown hair to his deep brown eyes and his dark olive skin, everything about him dripped sex and sin. 

Most of the women I counseled there spent part of every session swooning over him. Add to all those physical attributes the fact that he genuinely cared about the women and men who’d been victims of domestic violence, and you had a man who had his pick of sex partners. 

He could be a cover model, and yet he didn’t seem at all vain about his looks. He took time with his appearance, sure, but it wasn’t excessive. He lacked artifice. Tonight, he’d taken down a man who was on the verge of threatening me so he could find and terrorize another woman. Then he’d fed me wine and the best chocolate mousse cake I’d ever eaten. Right now, he had a smudge of chocolate near the corner of his mouth. 

And he wanted to role play that I was a sexy librarian who was going to seduce him. I convinced myself not to squeal like someone half my age and jump on him. 

Well, I’d already jumped on him. Thinking back, I realized I’d made a fool of myself. Rather than judge me, he’d turned it into a fun experience. 

And then he’d propositioned me. 

Excerpt 2—Daniel

I shut off the lights downstairs as we headed toward the stairs that led to my loft. I gave my best effort to avoid looking at the sexy ass sashaying from side to side right in front of my face as she went up the stairs ahead of me. 

But I’m only human. 

Just a man. 

A man who was immensely glad to get to the landing before he said or did anything stupid or inappropriate.

My urges illustrated exactly why Alaina would never be interested in me. On my best day, I was immature and constantly horny. 

I’d left the door to my loft open, and I gestured for her to enter. “Welcome to my humble abode.” 

I was a fucking dork. 

She went inside and set her purse on the island counter. Then she looked around, sweeping her gaze from left to right. She noted my kitchen, the cutout where the bathroom was located, the corner that was my bedroom, the living room area with the resistance trainer off to one side, and the elegant dining table to her immediate right. While my furniture was nice, it was modern. The table stuck out like a sore thumb. 

Alaina made a thoughtful noise. 

“I know. The table doesn’t quite fit the décor of the rest of the loft. It belonged to my grandparents, and I love it.” 

She peered closer at the table. “It’s a beautiful piece and a great way to remember them.” 

“They’re not dead.” I went to the cabinet and selected a bottle of red, which was the only bottle of wine I had. “They downsized when they retired to Florida.” 

“Oh.” A light blush traveled up her neck and stained her cheeks. She clasped her hands together. “I misunderstood.” 

“I worded it badly.” I flashed a grin to put her at ease. “How about you grab the mousse from the fridge?” 

While she did that, I got glasses and forks. There was only a third of the cake left, so we could eat straight from the tin. Then I looked at Alaina again. Beautiful face. Minimal makeup. Hair in a bun. Long, A-line skirt. Long-sleeved blouse with a bow at the neck. Smoking hot body clad in silky librarian clothes. She wasn’t the kind of person who ate cake from the pan. 

I grabbed a couple plates from the cupboard, and in the spirit of maturity, I got out the wedge-shaped cake cutter. I measured out a good-sized slice and rested the cutter where I intended to cut. “Is this good, or do you want a bigger piece?” 

She looked from the pie to me, a short laugh tinkling from her. “Daniel, that’s much too big.” 

“It’s my mother’s chocolate mousse. Trust me—you’re going to want a big slice. I’ve been known to sit down and eat the whole thing by myself.” 

She laughed again. Sliding between my body and the counter, she set her fingertips lightly on my wrist. While the heat of her touch made me want to lean in and put my lips on her exposed neck, she guided the cutter to a different spot. “This is plenty.” 

Then she returned to where she’d been standing, well out of my personal space. I was reeling from the lingering scent of her perfume, and she didn’t seem affected. She was not at all interested in me. 

Excerpt 3—Evan

I used to be suave with my flirting. Yesterday, I’d charmed a barista into throwing in a free banana nut muffin with my coffee. She’d smiled and twirled her hair. 

The moment Daniel had come into the bar with the short brunette, I’d known she was different. First, there was the way Daniel treated her. She wasn’t arm candy or a temporary amusement. From the way he talked about her and the way he paid attention to her, I knew he liked and respected her. 

She wasn’t his usual type. He liked tall, blonde women who commanded attention and adoration. Alaina was the exact opposite. The top of her head didn’t reach his shoulder. She exuded confidence even though she was visibly nervous. One look at her, and you could tell she was intelligent, the kind of person who was going to make a real difference in the world and probably already had to a lot of people. 

Even her appearance was a study in contradiction. Her curly hair went in all directions. Wild and out of control, it was a marked contrast to her outfit. Daniel had been right—she was the perfect fantasy woman to play the hot librarian. 

But the thing that had irritated me most was that Daniel hadn’t mentioned me to her. She knew almost nothing about me. 

It wasn’t new that Daniel didn’t talk me up to a woman he’d fucked. They weren’t usually around long enough to become part of his life. But he’d known Alaina for a year. A year. In a whole twelve months, my name hadn’t come up once. 

By contrast, he talked about her to me all the time. He was always saying how great she was, how wonderful and thoughtful and generous. Two weeks ago, he’d been almost enamored of her when he’d described the way she’d fulfilled his hot librarian fantasy. 

Meeting her, I’d wanted to find her flaws. I wanted to unmask her as shallow and catty. But I’d been the asshole, and she’d responded by very nicely putting me in my place. In minutes, she’d settled into the group as if she’d always been there. Sophia and Bryn seemed to really like her. 

“What’s wrong?” Daniel sipped his flavored water and kept his voice so that only I heard it. “Why were you rude to Lainie?” 

“Lainie? Now you’ve got a cute nickname for her?” 

He frowned. “Evan, I know when you’re not happy about something. What is it? What happened?” 

Daniel and I had started our casual affair when I was sixteen and he was seventeen. We’d been together—without being together—for nine years. We were best friends. We talked several times every day, and we shared everything, big or small. 

And he hadn’t mentioned me to Alaina. 

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Serving Sophia (Awakenings 3)

“This book has a quiet grace that weaves into your psyche and has you falling for the characters” Goodreads Reader Review

Walls of Pain

Sophia DiMarco wants a forever kind of love. But finding the right sub isn’t easy. And so she built a fortified wall around her heart to keep her from wanting more. It worked—until Drew Snow walked through her front door and stormed her citadel with one smoldering look.

Secret Shame

Never having entertained the idea of being submissive before, Drew finds himself enchanted with the beautiful Domme and craving the searing kiss of her dominance. But powerful men like him—he’s a sought-after chef with a television show in the works—aren’t subs, and the price of his submission is secrecy.

When tragedy strikes, he must decide whether he’s strong enough to embrace his true nature and Sophia, who has become so much more than a secret pleasure.

Warnings: Femdom, BDSM

Amazon Buy Link Universal Buy Link Michele’s Indie Store (15% off when using coupon code JD0FBH8YRS at my indie store)


She closed the distance between us, her hand unsteady where it rested against my chest.

“Mistress, can I touch you?” I whispered the question when her lips were inches from mine.

“No.” She brushed her lips against mine. As before, I kissed her back, but I was careful not to otherwise move. I did not want to displease her.

Passion exploded, not that it had been contained before. She moaned into my mouth, and her hands gripped the sides of my head. Her fingers moved through my hair, destroying the effect I’d painstakingly created with hair gel that morning so I’d look my best for her.

Suddenly she backed up, stopping when her bottom bumping into the nightstand. The distance was perhaps two feet, but it was still too far for me to suppress a frown. She opened the top drawer and pulled out a box of condoms.

“Come touch me, Drew.”

It was the permission I’d sought since the first time she’d undressed me. One step closed the distance. I scooped her up in my arms and set her gently on a diagonal across the bed. I kissed her, feasting on her mouth before trailing my lips along her jaw and down her neck.

Her hands were not still. She touched me everywhere, drawing that sensual caress over my shoulders, chest, and back. I lifted her shirt over her head, and she cooperated by lifting her torso. One twist of the clasp, and her bra loosened. Leaning up on an elbow, I watched as I peeled it away to reveal a pair of perfect breasts. Her skin was lighter there, tan instead of golden olive. Dusky cinnamon areolas beckoned. I licked until her nipple pebbled, and then I took that in my mouth, sucking hard because I had a tenuous hold on my self-control.

She arched off the bed, crying out her approval, and her thighs clamped around the thigh I’d wedged between her legs.

I spent some time worshipping her breasts with my mouth before I took one in my hand. It fit perfectly in my palm, and she moaned as I kneaded and squeezed.

Needing more, I kissed my way down her stomach, my hands roaming lower to the waistband of her leggings.

I knelt between her legs, and she lifted her hips to remove the last of her clothing. She lay before me in all her nude glory, watching me check her out.

“See something you like?” She followed with a flippant grin.

“Yes, Mistress. You’re so unbelievably beautiful. I could stare at you for hours.”

“Grab a condom.” It was an order.

“I’m craving dessert. Can I have a snack first?” I dragged a knuckle along her weeping slit.

She chuckled, a smooth melody, and spread her legs wider.

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Owning Up (Awakenings 2) is on Amazon/KU

Owning Up (Awakenings 2) is now available!

The Reviews:

Sexy Sirens Book Blog: Outstanding Read. I love Ms. Zurlo’s style. Her flare for the dramatic and her way with words that makes the reader feel every word, every emotion and every nuance of the characters lives.

Dar (Goodreads): I absolutely loved this story, because it took me by surprise…I was right there with them, for the good, the sexy, the bad, the confusion, the love, the caring, the pain, the chemistry. It all swept off the pages and immersed me into the story.

Katey (GR): “Michele Zurlo weaves characters that draw you in and make you care about them, and then she lights their relationships on fire with passion and surprise.”

Owning Up (Awakenings 2)


(Note this title is on KU because other booksellers rejected it due to taboo content.)

An offer she couldn’t refuse…

When two handsome brothers offer Samantha Spencer a night of passion, curiosity lands her in their arms. The spirited artist craves a lover with enough energy to satisfy her between the sheets, and these twins deliver a deliciously decadent experience.

Their perfect submissive…

One night with Samantha leaves Alexei and Stefano wanting more—especially the glimpses they catch of the submissive within. But a relationship isn’t a business deal, and sometimes even love isn’t enough. With everything on the line, what are they willing to sacrifice for the ultimate dream?

Warnings: BDSM, ménage, pony play

How about a hot little excerpt?

The door opened, and Stefano stood back to admit us. I followed Lex inside, and I looked around. At one end was a black wooden structure in the shape of an X. I’d never seen a St. Andrew’s cross before. This one was large and imposing. I noted the places where chains dangled. The rest of the room had chairs arranged in rows for observers.

Alexei and Stefano dominated the space even more than the cross did. Ellen retreated to the periphery of the room, a kind of safeword waiting in the wings.

“Remove your shirt, shoes, and pants,” Stefano directed. “And hand them to me.”

I did, not bothering with a striptease. I wasn’t here to titillate them. I was here to experience my first flogging. I removed my shoes and pants first, handing them over to Stefano. He folded my pants and placed them on a chair behind him. He set my shoes on the floor underneath. I shrugged out of my shirt and gave that to him as well.

Lex sucked in a breath, but he didn’t say anything. Stefano folded my shirt and set it on top of my pants. Then the pair faced me.

“Widen your stance a bit,” Alexei said. He moved to stand behind me, and I felt his hands on my waist. “Relax your shoulders, and lower your gaze.”

My gaze wandered down Stefano’s body, drinking in his sexy physique. I stopped when I was staring in the region of his zipper.

“A little more,” Stefano directed.

I dropped it to his feet.

“Don’t move your head,” Alexei said. “Just your eyes.”

I hadn’t realized I’d looked down. I brought my chin up while keeping my gaze on Stefano’s feet.

“Perfect.” Alexei drew a light caress down the center of my back, the sensual touch disappearing as he skipped over the strap of my bra. “Usually we’d begin with you kneeling, but right now, we don’t have control over the cleanliness of the floor.”

I appreciated his thoughtfulness.

“You can talk,” Stefano said. “Ask questions if you have them.”

“I’m okay,” I assured them without lifting my gaze. “I promise I’ll call red or yellow if I’m not.”

They seemed at ease. Alexei guided me to stand in front of the cross, and together, they buckled padded leather cuffs around my wrists and ankles. These were attached to the short chains, and just like that, I found myself bound to a St. Andrew’s cross. I tested the range of motion, and I found I could move a few inches. It wasn’t enough to go anywhere, but it was enough so that I didn’t feel too restricted.

My hair moved as deft hands wrangled it into a knot on top of my head. I froze to keep it from unraveling.

“You can relax. I have a little sister who wrapped me around her finger from the moment she was born, so I have a lot of practice with long hair. It’ll hold.” He ran his hands over my shoulders and down my back.

With my back to them, I wasn’t sure who had spoken.

“Lex or Stef?”

He chuckled and pressed a kiss to my nape. “We’ve stumped her for the first time.”

Another chuckle came from right next to the first one. “If you’re not sure, default to ‘Sir’ as your form of address.”

I wasn’t sure about the use of a title, but it was nice to have something to save me from calling either of my lovers by the wrong name. “Okay, but which one of you is close with your sister?”

“We both are.” Another laugh, and teeth nipped at my ear. “Sammy, we’re going to make you feel really fucking good. Rest your front side against the cross.”

“Yes, Stef.” I did as he asked.

The kiss he was pressing to my shoulder stalled. “How did you know it was me?”

“You always shorten my name. Lex doesn’t.”

He seemed to accept the explanation, which was good because it was all I had to go on right now. The hands on my body multiplied as they touched every inch of my skin from my calves to my neck.

From the periphery of my view, I noted that Ellen was there, my security blanket watching over me while staying out of the way. I closed my eyes and gave myself over to the sensations stimulating my skin. It didn’t take long for them to simultaneously arouse and relax me. I felt alive and awake, yet subdued and ready for anything.

The first swish of the flogger came a second before a soft thud on my shoulder that felt like a light massage. The sensation repeated down my right side, and then it switched to come down my left side. Up and down, they flogged me from shoulder to calf, skipping over my lower back, and it felt pleasant. I found myself relaxing into the rhythm. After a time, the thuds became sharper and harder, like the massage was finally getting serious. I relaxed even more, and pleasure clouded my mind.

The clink of metal on wood roused me. I looked up to find my wrist free. Sir brought my arm down, massaging my shoulder as he did.

I giggled.

A slanted grin quirked his mouth—Alexei’s smile. “What’s funny?”

“You, Lex. A massage after a massage.”

Shock momentarily stole his smile.

“What’s wrong?”

“Nothing,” he said. “I guess I’m amazed that you’re half out of your mind, and yet you identified me easily.”

“Your smile,” I explained. “You and Stef smile differently.”

“Mine is sexy. Yours is cocky.” Stefano made that claim as he freed my other arm.

“They’re both sexy and cocky.” They were. The biggest difference was that Lex’s smile was a little higher on the left side. Stefano’s quirked up to the right. “No fighting.”

Stefano draped a robe around my shoulders while Alexei put my arms through the sleeves. “Look at you, giving orders. It’s cute, Sammy, but submissives ask for what they want.”

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Writers Can Change Their Minds

The writing process is a curious thing. It often makes no sense, even to a writer. We create characters, fall in love wit them, and follow their journey–agonizing over every detail until The End.

The Awakenings series was the first one I ever wrote. As such, it means the most. I cut my teeth on those characters, developed and honed my writing skills, and I learned so much. Ten years later, and I’ve definitely improved as a writer. That’s good news. I’d hope that ten years spent doing anything would make me better at it.

As I went through the process of revamping my stories for re-release when the series rights returned to me, I found myself re-envisioning the stories. First, I rewrote Samantha’s story. I never felt she got a fair shake from me, so I re-wrote her story. I didn’t just revise the original–I gave her a whole new experience. The result is a much better book.

While that was going on, I hadn’t planned to revise Hanging On all that much. I’d planned to add scenes and update others, but as I worked on it, I began to think about my original vision for Sophia’s story. She’s a Domme, but market forces at the time forced me to make her give that up. I felt that Sophia deserved a better story as much as Samantha did. And so I’ve been writing Sophia a completely new story. Due to my dedication to putting out great stories, Samantha’s story, Owning Up, will be 2nd in the series, and Sophia’s story (not yet titled) will be 3rd.

Look for Owning Up (Awakenings 2) in April and Hanging On (with possibly a different title) in June.

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Letting Go Release Day!

Letting Go (Awakenings 1) Author’s Cut

Placing my hands on either side of his face, I maneuvered him in position for a kiss. “Do you really have so many dark secrets?”

“A few.”

An Impulsive Proposal…

The terms of Sabrina’s grandfather’s will require for her to be married in order to gain her inheritance. In a moment of weakness, she proposes to a handsome stranger at work. She needs someone to play a part, and she’s willing to sleep with him to sweeten the deal.

A Promise of Passion…

With a failed marriage haunting him and something to prove, Jonas Spencer jumps at the chance to have sex with a beautiful, intelligent woman for a whole year. It would be fun, and he could use some fun in his life—as long as she lives by his rules. He is a Dominant, after all.

A Powerful Desire…

No man has ever satisfied Sabrina in bed, but Jonas is willing to peel away her carefully constructed façade. Layer by layer, he reveals the depths of her passion. As Sabrina falls in love with Jonas, she forces him to confront his dark secrets.

Can she help him let go of the past, or will he use it to throw away the future?

I think he was hoping to scare me, and he did a little. I held his gaze, searching for hate, anger, or malice, but I saw only his need. I’d never been able to deny him, and I wanted this as much as he did, maybe more because I was in love with him and I desperately wanted him to be in love with me.

Fall in love with Sabrina and Jonas

This Author’s Cut version is over 1/4 longer. It features revised and additional scenes, including an expanded ending and a bonus short story at the end. Letting Go is one of those books you’ll read over and over again! This book brought so many great authors and wonderful readers into my life, including Lydia Michaels and Allyson Young, who co-wrote a foreword for this edition.

I thought breaking a heart was a faster thing, a momentary process. I didn’t know it kept breaking.

Praise for the original Letting Go:

“WOW! That’s the first thing that comes to mind now that I’ve read Letting Go by Michele Zurlo. Ms. Zurlo has penned an awesome story of both romance and love with submission and domination in a tale to beat all odds. I would recommend this book to anyone who is looking for a romance full of hot sex!” –Dark Diva Reviews

“Michele Zurlo has penned a dynamic tale that I was completely captivated with, high praise for Letting Go.” –

This book is a MUST READ! I could not put it down. The author has created characters with surprisingly great depth to them… fully-formed characters for our enjoyment. I loved that this book did not take the regular character development / plot outline route of standard erotic romance / bdsm books.” –Amazon reviewer “EJ”

I love this book! It was so raw and honest reading about a woman who was so realistic and giving in her love. I started reading with little expectation, but ended thinking about this book for the rest of the week.” –Amazon reviewer “KindeAddict”

Buy Links

Buy from Amazon:

Universal book link to All Other Distributors:

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Awakenings is Back!

You’ve been waiting for a long, long time for this, and now the wait is finally (almost) over! The Awakenings series returns, and it’s even better than you remember! Here’s the scoop:

Valentine’s Day brings Sabrina and Jonas back to you. With added scenes from his POV, he’s even more intense and volatile. I’ve cleaned up some scenes, added in their trip to Europe and Australia, and extended the ending. It has over 30K more words, and it brings you deeper into the love story than ever before. It’s an Author’s Cut because, for this, I went back to my original manuscript so that it was truer to my original vision (before I had to change it to fit a publisher’s guidelines. Yeah–I’m an indie rebel now!)

Pre-Order Link for Amazon:

Pre-Order Link for all other outlets:

If you have previously purchased this title, it won’t update with the changes because it’s being put out by a different publisher (me.) However, I promise it’s worth the price!

In the Coming Months–

April 11 brings Hanging On, Sophia and Drew’s love story. This one has also been updated to reflect my original vision with an Author’s Cut version. Some of the original content has been altered or removed, and some additional content has been added. I added more chapters from Drew’s POV, and we get to know his family a little better.

This story has always held a special place in my heart because I’ve known too many people who’ve gone through what Sophia went through. When I see her happy ending, it gives me hope for all my loved ones still searching for theirs.

Lastly, Owning Up (Awakenings 3) is coming at you in June 2019. I don’t have firm dates for this one. You might be thinking–hey, wasn’t Two Masters for Samantha next?–and you’d be right. I’ve significantly changed that story. There were elements of it that never sat right with me, and this was my chance to give Samantha the love story she deserved. About 30% of the story is the same, and 70% is completely new. It’s a longer, deeper, better story guaranteed to tug at your heartstrings, frustrate you, and make you need a cold shower or a hot partner with some frequency, LOL.

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Cover Reveal–Letting Go and Hanging On

After years of waiting, it’s finally happening. The rights to the Awakenings series are reverting to me, and I’ll be able to publish them again. This series launched my career, and it’s very special to me. More information coming soon, but I’m planning to launch Letting Go on February 14, 2019 and Hanging On in April 2019.

Here are the covers, made with love by Pyroclastic.

Yep, that’s a foreword by Lydia Michaels and Allyson Young!

I hope you’re as excited for the return of some of my greatest titles as I am!