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Swept Away (Bear’s Cove 4)

Swept Away by an handsome alpha and a rogue wave, Gideon must fight for survival—and for love.

Love—at what cost?

Gideon McGraw has worked hard at having a successful career. Getting involved with a client is a sure way to sink that ship.

The moment he set eyes on the sexy pharmaceutical rep, Dr. Darren “Hutch” Hutchinson knew he’d met his mate.


Hutch makes his move at a charity event. Before he can convince Gideon to take a chance on love, their boat capsizes. With everything on the line, Hutch must beat nature or lose it all.

Welcome to Bear’s Cove, a hidden community of gay bear shifters. Swept Away is a 28,000-word, gay male pregnancy romance that includes passionate and explicit sexual content.

Excerpt 1:

Doctor McQuade’s eyes sparkled. “Not ready to settle down yet?”

Gideon was more than ready to settle down, but he hadn’t found the right alpha. Flashing a quick smile, Gideon said, “I like not being tied down.”

As he realized what he said could be construed as a double entendre, especially as they had been talking about Kofi’s kinky romance novels, Gideon blushed again.

“You don’t like being tied down? That’s a tragedy.” A new voice, deep and resonant, sounded from behind Gideon.

He turned to see a man with the most mesmerizing, golden-brown eyes Gideon had ever come across. They pulled at him, making him want to close the distance between them so he could gaze into them properly. He noticed the man’s full lips that were a little darker brown than his smooth skin, and he couldn’t help but imagine nibbling on them.

After an awkward amount of time, Gideon remembered where he was and what he was doing. He crossed to the newcomer with his hand extended. “I’m Gideon McGraw from Ursine Innovations.”

The man stared into Gideon’s eyes, and Gideon forgot to breathe. Then he closed his hands around Gideon’s, encasing them in strong, alpha goodness. He smiled briefly. “I’m Doctor Hutchinson. Thanks for coming today. I just got here. I need to do a couple things first, but you go ahead and start, and I’ll be along as soon as I can.”

Excerpt 2:

Before he could process his intention, Hutch launched himself over the tilted railing, willing his body to follow Gideon’s, but the omega had disappeared, and everything was shrouded in black skies and driving sheets of rain.

The shock of cold water made his body freeze. Even his brain had ceased to think. His lungs burned, and he felt like they were going to burst. Kicking hard, he pushed to where he thought the surface might be, hoping he was right. After far too long, his head broke through, and he gulped precious breaths of air. The driving rain made him inhale water, and his lungs went into paroxysms.

Seconds passed, and his mind started working again.


His omega was out there somewhere, and he needed to find him.

Treading water, he turned in a slow circle. The storm was more powerful now, the rain blinding him, and he was engaged in a constant struggle to keep his head above water.

He couldn’t see the boat.

He couldn’t even see land.

“Gideon!” He called his mate’s name, but the wind stole the word and hurled it back in his face as if punishing him for fucking up in the first place. A wave slammed over his head, forcing him underwater. Never fight instinct. You wanted him from the first moment. You ran away because you thought you didn’t deserve any kind of happiness, not when a little girl was fighting for her life and you couldn’t save her. In punishing yourself, you lost your mate.


My omega.

Soft sand and hard rocks dug into his knees. With the last of his sanity, he crouched down to push off the bottom, and he rocketed to the surface. The water was too shallow. He had to be near land. Driving rain obscured everything, but he glimpsed smudges of greenery. With everything he had, he pushed his body through the churning water.

After forever, his feet hit a tangle of wood. Trees and bushes, limbs twisted together, formed a shoreline. Hutch pulled himself up out of the water and onto a tangle. He looked out over the water, the pounding rain rendering everything indistinct, like a runny watercolor painting.

Then he saw it. A head bobbing on the waves. A hint of orange life vest. An arm flailing in the air. It disappeared for a moment, and then it came back up. In his gut, he knew it was a person. Without hesitating, he dove into the water and swam toward the floundering man. In his heart, he knew it had to be Gideon.

Fate couldn’t be so cruel.

Fighting through the wind and churning water, he made his way toward the figure. Before he got there, the head slipped below the surface and didn’t come back up. Fear sliced through him, white-hot and icy-cold, and he dove beneath the waves. Under there, things were calmer, albeit darker. The storm blocked most of the light from the sky, and the violent waves churned the waters into a muddy mess.

Trusting his trajectory, he kicked harder. His hand hit something soft. He had one chance. The first fragile fingers of fear scratched at the back of his mind, but he shoved them away. Right now, there was no time to indulge in that emotion. Hoping with everything he had, he grabbed hold and surged toward the surface. Breaking hard, he gulped air as he pulled his charge up.

Gideon’s head lolled against Hutch’s shoulder. His eyes were closed, and his pallor set off alarm bells in Hutch’s head. He slapped Gideon’s cheeks, but the omega didn’t respond.

Unable to rouse his omega, he flipped to his back, hauled Gideon on top of him, and swam hard for the shore. The life vest hadn’t been very effective before, but now it helped to hold Gideon’s head above water, even when Hutch’s slipped below the surface. The tangle of trees stretched along the shoreline forever, but there was a break, a small inlet with a clear stretch. He towed his mate there. The trip seemed to take forever, his doctor’s brain calculating how long it had been since Gideon’s last breath. He couldn’t give mouth-to-mouth in these angry waters.

The moment solid ground was under his feet, Hutch lifted Gideon in his arms and ran for the shore. The closer he got, the shallower the water, and the faster he went.

When he was clear of the waterline, he put Gideon down, ripped off his life vest, and began CPR. All the years he’d been a doctor, and nothing he’d done had ever been this important. Those prickles of fear returned, stronger now, squeezing like a fist around his heart. This was the kind of fear he’d spent his life avoiding, the kind that dug in and didn’t let go. The kind he couldn’t control or even tamp down. His heart beat faster, a wild thump echoing in his ears, a rhythmic shriek above the angry wind battering them both and the driving rain pelting them with drops that felt like bullets.

Desperate and terrified, he shouted encouragement above the roar of the wind and the scream of rain. “Come on, G. Take a breath. Open your eyes. Fucking live.”


I’m Michele Zurlo, author of over 20 romance novels. During the day, I teach English, and in the evenings, romantic tales flow from my fingertips.