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Favorite Movies of All Time

I’m not sure these are my favorite movies, but I watch them over and over. Yes, I point out their flaws:

I hate musicals so we’ll start there:
Singing In The Rain–I’m a huge Debbie Reynolds fan. Always have been. It was my destiny because Debbie is my first name. (Michele is middle, but I think it’s a better-sounding name, so that’s what I use.)

Auntie Mame–Not sure why I like this movie, but every time it’s on, I can’t turn it off. It contains some of my favorite quotes, like, “Life is a banquet and some poor suckers are starving to death” and “Live, live, live.” I guess I like that it’s very positive and life-affirming, especially in the face of tragedy and hardship. I had it on my DVR, but then I got rid of Directv when I switched to streaming services, so now it’s gone. Yeah, I could buy the DVD, but then I wouldn’t get the joy of squee-ing whenever it comes on TV.

The Long Kiss Goodnight–Geena Davis is simply stunning as a strong woman who will take no shit from anybody. She protects her family and friends, kills the bad guys, and gets her man.

The Crow–I watched this 100 times as I hand-made a Grandmother’s Flower Garden quilt for my dad, so it has sentimental value and a freaking awesome soundtrack. The images shows blocks from the current GFG I’m making (all sewn by hand because I am not comfortable with a sewing machine.) This one has a coral reef theme, so the colors are all bright. The first one I made, years ago, had garden colors with a green path. This one will have an aqua-blue path.


What’s Up Doc?–My wife introduced me to this one. I’m not a Streisand fan, so I avoid movies where she sings. I loved the comedy in this one, as well as how they all end up in court. It reminds me of The Bachelor and the Bobbysoxer or Seems Like Old Times, both excellent movies.

Overboard–At the core, this movie is sick and sadistic, but I write a lot of sadism, so perhaps it follows that I’m okay with a movie about an amnesiac who is kidnapped by someone who wronged her and made to believe she’s his wife. The movie ONLY works because Kurt and Goldie are together in real life. I did not bother to see the remake.

If these movies seem old, it’s probably because 1) I don’t watch many movies anymore and 2) I’m not good at remembering names of movies and Wife isn’t awake for me to say, “What’s the one with the car chase?” and have her know exactly what I’m talking about.

What movies do you love and watch over and over?


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12 thoughts on “Favorite Movies of All Time

  1. My favorites are:
    Superman: The Movie (I have seen it 332 times…it was a father and son thing!)
    Thank You For Smoking
    Robin and the Seven Hoods
    Harlem Nights
    The Princess Bride
    The American President
    …and certain scenes in “The Untouchables”

  2. My husband can never understand why I watch films over and over, but if a film is good enough, it can take repeat viewings. I agree with you on The Long Kiss Goodnight – that was amazing.

  3. Unless you’re a fan of musicals, Reynolds, or Kelly, it’s not a must-see. I love it, but I’m not blind to the fact it makes zero sense. It just feels good to watch it.

  4. My dad LOVED musicals growing up. I always thought it was a bit odd (you had to know my dad to understand) but I gained a true love of them because of him.

    I loved Overboard as a kid and it wasn’t until I saw it again a few years ago that I realized what a horrible plot it had. However, I do agree – you know Kurt and Goldie were happy together at that time so it didn’t seem so awful.

    My list

  5. You know, I’ve never seen Singing in the Rain. There are so many references to it in pop culture that I really ought to watch it sometime.

    My post.

  6. I’d never seen Overboard until DH said we’re watching this. I liked it and laughed quite a bit, but I also see the sadism. I liked the Bachelor and the Bobbysoxer. If I want to laugh, I turn to Young Frankenstein, too. Good list!

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