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Safeword: Oasis is BACK

The rights for Wanting Wilder reverted to me a couple years ago, but I haven’t put it back out there. Now that Mina’s Heart is mine again, I’m re-releasing the titles.









It’s funny–I went back and read the reviews posted for Wanting Wilder, and they’re harsh. These were the first books I wrote that weren’t centered on sex, but on the relationship instead. Apparently, people didn’t like that. One reviewer commented on the number of scenes with no penetration. What strikes me as funny about this is that I think a lot of people who don’t practice BDSM think that the relationships are all about sex. They aren’t. Relationships are about connecting with people.

Wilder made the mistake of jumping into bed with Lydia right away, and it didn’t lead to a long-term love story. Wanting Wilder is the story of Lydia embracing her submissive side and learning to what it means outside of sex. Yes, it’s erotic. Yes, there is sex in the novel. But it’s not the focus. I guess people objected to a love story. I don’t care. I wanted to write a love story, and so I did. When USA Today reviewed it, they raved about how I craft characters. The quote on the header of my website comes from that review of Wanting Wilder, and I’m proud of my work. I made minor changes, but that’s all.

Mina’s Heart had a better reception, though I think fewer people read it. I’m not sure there’s more sex in it. I also made minimal updates to this novel before releasing it.

One thing I absolutely love are the covers. The originals weren’t really IR. I remember getting the original cover for Wanting Wilder. I told them that it looked great, but the heroine in the stock art wasn’t black. So they darkened the picture. That was it for changes. I’m so pleased that this cover has a black heroine on it. The heroine on the original Mina’s Heart cover looked more Spanish than Asian. I love the art that *I* chose, and I love what my cover artist did with them. I hope you do as well.

You can pick up Wanting Wilder and Mina’s Heart on Apple, KOBO, and BN. Amazon is still publishing, so give it a day or two before you search.  Oh–I also put them up for $3.99 instead of the $6.99 original price, so you’re saving $3/title.


I’m Michele Zurlo, author of over 20 romance novels. During the day, I teach English, and in the evenings, romantic tales flow from my fingertips.

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