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You put WHAT on your face?

I’m one of those lucky individuals that suffers from adult acne. I mostly get it on my chin and forehead. I have bangs mostly to disguise the zits. Twin #1 also has this problem, though she’s a teen, so she hasn’t had as long to come to terms with it. Her forehead looks like pizza, and she refuses to cut bangs.

We take her to the dermatologist. She’s tried creams, pills, washes, etc, and nothing works for more than a few days. I’ve used her stuff as well, and it doesn’t cure my problem either.

A co-worker gave me the name of another doctor who prescribed powerful meds for her daughter, the kind where they make you take birth control pills because they cause birth defects. I gave the name to Wife and asked her to make an appointment. She didn’t.

Instead she bought apple cider vinegar because she read that it worked on acne. Now, when Twin #2 had warts all over her feet from the diving board where she used to dive, we used apple cider vinegar to soak her feet. Something busted open, and the warts went away. I’m not sure what apple cider vinegar smells like to you, but to me, it smells like stinky feet.

Twin #1 tried the home remedy. Within two days, about 70% of her acne was gone. I tried it on mine. With consistent use, my acne disappeared in about a week. Twin #1’s did not. I asked her what was going on, and she admitted that she stopped using it because, as the acne faded, the stretch-mark/scars began to show up. I have this problem as well. So Wife bought some cocoa butter-based cream for us, and now the scars are fading.

Twin #1’s face is about 85% clear, but some of that might be the scarring. Time will tell whether this is a cure or a remedy, but so far, I haven’t had any more outbreaks.

I can’t vouch for all the uses above, but the two we’ve used have been successful. It may smell like feet, but I feel better about my face, and I’m watching my teenager feel more and more confident about her looks.


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