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KB Blitz: The Lady’s Arrangement

The Lady’s Arrangement by Colleen L. Donnelly

GENRE: Historical Fiction


Neither Rex nor Regina wants a spouse, but they do have needs.

Ranger Rex Duncan needs a false identity—just long enough to uncover a ring of Kansas ranch thieves. Answering Regina’s ad for a temporary husband, he leaves his beloved red dirt of Oklahoma to assume that disguise. But the most obstinate woman he’s ever known confounds his assignment, and with hair the red color that has always made his heart beat a little faster.

Regina Howard needs a new Mrs. in front of her name—just long enough to reclaim her deceased husband’s ranch, since Kansas law won’t allow women to own property. When Rex answers her ad for a husband who can take orders as part of a brief business arrangement, she finds this stubborn man ignores her every command. Yet a good man is far more than just a name…


“There’s a gully up ahead. Jess knows it’s there, but your horse doesn’t, and it looks like it’s running amok.”


“Wild. Crazy.”

“That’s called hieing where I’m from. And I told you, Walter won’t run wild with your boy.” I pictured her gully as a dip, nothing more than that in land laid out flatter than the bottom of a griddle.

“You’ve got to stop him! See it up ahead? That sharp drop into that old creek bed?”

I did see it, the change in the line of blowing prairie, the bend in the lay of the land. The widow was right. I urged Boss on. Walter was powerful, as tired as he had to be, running strong at Jess’s insistence. But he’d slow when he heard me. We inched closer, close enough Walter could hear before he reached the gully I knew he’d handle just fine but the boy might not. I lifted my head into the wind and let out a whistle. Walter’s rump dropped, his front legs stiffened. Jess flew over his head, a spindly ball of arms and legs rolling hard through the prairie.

Regina screamed. More shrill than my whistle, the wail of both echoing from my ears to my chest. A call of love. Like the sound a little brother made when he shouted, “Stop” at someone running from their burning ranch. Or the sound a stepmother made when she begged two boys to be careful around red things—like fire. Like the red-haired woman behind me crying out to her son. Another boy I’d somehow done wrong.

Love always seemed to happen this way—so shrill, so harsh, so dire…so red.

AUTHOR Bio and Links:

Born and raised in the Midwest, Colleen earned a four-year degree in Medical Technology and used it to travel and explore other parts of the country while working in the field of science.

Outside the laboratory she delves deeply into literature, both reading and writing, her interest piqued by tales involving moral dilemmas and the choices people come up against.

A lover of the outdoors as well as a comfy living room, Colleen is always searching inside and out for the next good story.

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  1. Thank you for sharing my reluctant lovers on your kissing site! You have a wonderful and fun page!

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