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What’s Going On? #michelezurlo

Hey there! I haven’t written many personal posts lately. Last year, I committed to blogging regularly, and I have not been that great about it. I’ve published some teasers from me and some promotional stuff for other writers, but not much about what’s going on with me. So here goes–

I have a lot on my plate personally. We’re nearing the end of the school year, which is always hectic for a teacher. My building is reducing the teaching staff, which means people teaching different things, teams being reorganized, and the whole schedule up in the air. Thank goodness we’re reducing through retirement and movement instead of someone losing a job. I found out last week that I’ll be staying where I am–which I’m happy about. I’ve moved rooms/changed preps 9 times in the past 19 years, all without complaining. #changeisgood A few years ago when I moved back to where I am now, I told my principal (who was the AP at the time) that my next move would be retirement. I guess he didn’t want me to go quite yet.

My twins are getting ready for high school. That means end-of-the-year celebrations. My weeks have been filled with concerts (both are band nerds) and ceremonies (awards, honors.) Add to that the meeting for high school clubs/interests and this neverending peri-menopause (I think–due to a hysterectomy years ago, I’m not sure WTF is going on!) I haven’t had much time or energy for writing. Even when I have, the words have not been flowing that quickly. I have a story due for an anthology soon, and I haven’t even decided who is going to be in it. I’d like to do a follow-up with a couple from the Doms books or the SAFE Security books.

What’s coming up? This summer, look for Switching It Up (SAFE Security 2) and Forging Love (A SAFE Security Novella). More on those later.

What am I working on? I’ve been playing around with an idea for a new series. It’s called Poplar Corners, and it focuses on the lives and loves of the people of that town. Incidentally, it’s the hometown of Jordan Monaghan from Re/Defined, though I don’t plan for it to be BDSM–merely erotic. I’m actually writing the first book, but I haven’t decided whether it’ll ever be published or not. As I said, words have not been flowing very well. It’s a trickle, really. Sales of all my titles have fallen off sharply, which always makes me question whether the time spent writing instead of with my family is worth it. I know the market fluctuates, and all my author friends are reporting declining sales. The kicker is that book sales tend to fall off right before the economy does, so there’s another worry for me.

Wife (also my lovely editor) is finally replacing some of the windows in the house. She was nervous to begin because the house is brick, and she’d never changed out windows in a brick house before. She’s starting small, replacing 4 windows and a slider, and she has learned a lot. For example, the windows being removed are original to the house. They put them on, and then bricked over the flanges, meaning she has to cut them apart to take them out. The new windows look amazing. In the past two days, she’s been able to replace 3 of them. I know–you’re wondering why I’m not helping. Believe me when I say that she can get more done when I don’t help. I don’t mean to be a disaster, but I’m anti-gifted with building stuff. In this respect, I definitely married well!

So that’s my long, rambling update. I hope everything is going well for you too!

Love, Michele


I’m Michele Zurlo, author of over 20 romance novels. During the day, I teach English, and in the evenings, romantic tales flow from my fingertips.

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