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Michele Zurlo: Looking Back and Forward 2016-17

happy-new-year-2017-images-2In 2016, I set some goals for myself. I didn’t call them resolutions because I’m goal-oriented. I figured the wordsmithing would trick me into actually sticking with my goals.

  1. I wanted to write down what I was thankful for every day. That lasted until February. Twin #1 threw them all out while cleaning one day. On the plus side, she was cleaning.
  2. I wanted to post on my blog regularly. I feel like I did that. There were some weeks this fall that didn’t have much going on, but overall, I think this one was a success. Every Sunday, I feature an excerpt from one of my books. On the weekdays, you’ll see blitzes, guest posts and interviews, and some of my ramblings.
  3. I wanted to go to a convention. This didn’t happen. I signed up and paid for one, but my mom came down with the cancer, so I cancelled so I could be here for her. She’s not quite finished with treatment yet. We find out this week whether she’s in the clear.
  4. I wanted to put myself out there more. I joined Romance Books for You (RB4U) where I blog the 26th of every month. I’ve contributed to 2 anthologies, Dominant Persuasions and Roping the Cowboy. And I’ve joined Read Between the Wines (a FB group) as an author/admin.14580609_1129446597162744_169307252_n
  5. I wanted to release 3 titles. Re/Defined came out Jan 2016, Dominant Persuasions (containing a re-release of Yes, Justin) came along in March, Re/Leased came out in July, Roping the Cowboy (with my contribution: Bear Country) came out in October, and Treasure Me–an brand new series–launched in December.

Overall I’m going to call 2016 a success. For 2017, I have decided on these goals.

  1. I want to release 3 titles in 2017. I have Re/Viewed slated for March and an unnamed RB4U anthology scheduled for August or October. I’m working on SAFE Security #2, also untitled, with the hopes of putting it out in the fall. I’ll probably re-release the Safeword Oasis novellas together (retooled) because I have the rights back to those.
  2. I need to decide whether Doms of the FBI is finished with book 7 or if it’ll continue. Your input is welcome!
  3. I’m going to try another convention. The Rust City convention, which I found out about too late last year, is a hop and a skip from my house. It’s a safer bet for me than trying one in another state.
  4. On my blog, I’m going to start doing reviews. I’m not going to give stars or kisses or anything like that–just my impressions of books I’ve read. I read in wide variety of genres, so look for the reviews to be all over the place.


I’m Michele Zurlo, author of over 20 romance novels. During the day, I teach English, and in the evenings, romantic tales flow from my fingertips.

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