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Songs and Chapter Titles for Treasure Me

treasure-me1045-500One new thing I did for Treasure Me was that I didn’t number the chapters. Instead I gave them each a title. For the most part, the titles describe what’s going on in the chapter. There are a couple that I really like, though, and that’s what I’m going to talk about today.

Crepuscular Rays—My daughter taught me this word—she’s a weather buff—and I thought it was so cool that I made it a point to work it into the book. Crepuscular rays are the phenomenon that happens when the sun shines through a cloud and you can see the shaft of light extend all the way to the ground. The spotlight almost seems otherworldly. They’re a rare and beautiful natural event, and I felt it perfectly captured the mood of the scene.

Frayed Knot—This is the punchline of my favorite joke. Anyone who knows me knows that I suck at telling jokes. I’m great with one-liners or zingers, but I can’t pull off an entire joke to save my life. And I’m a great lover of puns. Anyway the joke is about a rope that walks into a bar and can’t get service. [I’m not going to take you the rest of the way through the joke because, as I said, I suck at telling jokes.]

At one point, David turns on the radio and starts singing a Janet Jackson song. While I mostly listen to alternative music, I confess to being a Janet fan—or Ms. Jackson because I’m a nasty woman. The reason I chose to make Autumn a Janet fan had more to do with my annoyance at the “dab” phenomenon sweeping the middle school crowd. Every time I see a kid do that move, I show them a clip from Escapade where Ms. Jackson does that move as part of her dance. That’s not the only video where you’ll find it. I think Paula Abdul loved that move a lot and put it in several videos.

If you’re looking for songs to go with Treasure Me, Miss you Much by Janet Jackson and Full of Grace by Sarah MacLaughlan are a great place to start.


treasureme-fb3Relocating to Kansas City with David and working for SAFE Security was everything Autumn thought she wanted…except that the job isn’t what she thought it would be, and her past seems to have a stranglehold on her emotions.

When Autumn takes a case without informing the rest of SAFE Security, she finds herself in hot water when secret victory blows up in her face. Her impulsive mistake almost costs their lives—and she soon finds herself jobless. Reeling from this failure and the way it’s damaged her relationships with David and the team, she vows to start fresh—with a new name and in a new city. Unfortunately a local crime boss has other ideas.

In the midst of a mission, David must rush back to try to stop Autumn from leaving—only to find that Autumn and her sister have disappeared. Can he find them in time to save them and his relationship with the woman he treasures?

In Treasure Me, Michele Zurlo delivers a sexy, action-packed adventure tale full of emotional twists and turns.

Warnings: Spanking, D/s, Dom who puts his foot in his mouth, bratty sub, fingerpainting

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