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Kissing Bandits Character Interview: Bound by Juliet Braddock

The Interview: Maxine Kirk and Benjamin Worthington

KB: Welcome to Kissing Bandits Blog! Tell us a little bit about yourself!

Maxine Kirk: Well, thank you, Michele and Kissing Bandits for hosting us today! I’m Maxine Kirk. I’m a theatrical publicist in New York, and living my dreams to the fullest…including my marriage to my very own teenage crush (and star on Broadway)—Drew McKenzie.

Benjamin Worthington: And I’m Ben Worthington, Maxine’s Gay Boyfriend. Not to be confused with her real boyfriend…now husband…Drew. But he was detained this afternoon. He’s an actor. He had rehearsal for his next show. But I love taking sloppy seconds. And he’s willing to share Max. So here I am!

KB: The first kiss sets the tone for a relationship. Tell us about your first kiss. (Excerpt okay!) Were you nervous? Excited? Shocked?

MK: My first kiss with Drew, or my first kiss with Ben?

BW: Oh, your first kiss with Drew was boring. So he kissed you on a balcony overlooking the twinkling light of Manhattan in the middle of a torrential downpour? It was so Streisand. (Ben clears his throat and begins to sing Barbra.) “Kiss me in the rain…”

MK: Hey, Drew left me breathless.

BW: My first kiss didn’t leave you breathless? That sloppy, drunken smash of my lips to your cheek on the way back from some college party? And I even said to you, “You are my best friend, Captain…”

MK: I’m pretty sure that you bruised my face.

BW: And you liked it, you sassy submissive, you…

KB: Maxine, how did you get the nickname “Captain”?

MK: Well, this one night back in college, Ben was drunk. Again.

BW: And so was the Captain.

MK: Two beers.

BW: You were drunk!

MK: Two beers, and we were bored. It was a Friday night. Spent the last of our cash on the beer. We really couldn’t find any good reality TV. But we kept flipping through the channels, and suddenly, we found a Star Trek Marathon. And all of a sudden, Ben just started rolling around all over the floor, giggling like a wild hyena.

BW: I wasn’t that drunk.

MK: Just admit it, Ben.

BW: Your Dad’s gonna read this.

MK: Not unless you show it to him!

BW: I love Papa Kirk!

MK: Everyone loves Papa Kirk! Now…pardon our behavior here today, Kissing Bandits. Let me continue. So there’s Ben, rolling all over the floor, pointing at me and shouting, “You’re Captain Kirk! You’re Captain Kirk!”

BW: You’d never even watched an episode of Star Trek before that!

MK: Still haven’t.

BW: Well, maybe you should—oh, Captain, my Captain!

KB: What has been your greatest challenge?

BW: On a serious note…being gay. My parents didn’t accept me for a number of years, and my mother is only coming around now. Maxine’s parents always welcomed me and just loved me the way I am. That was tough for me. Now, though, I work with LGBTQ youth at the first high school of its kind in Manhattan. I want to give back to them and let them know that they’re gonna be just fine—and that they are worthy of love just the way they are.

MK: Likewise, my greatest challenge was a sobering one. I lost my mom when I was in college. Living each day without her has been painful. She didn’t get to see me live out my dream of moving to New York. She never saw the success I’ve had in

Legs of a couple, isolated on white background with panties off

my career. And most of all, she’s missed every moment since I met and married Drew. But I have a strong network of people I love and who love me back. Each and every one of them has stepped in to fill her shoes in her absence. I’m one lucky girl.

KB: Brag time–what is your greatest point of pride?

MK: Staving off an orgasm for an entire afternoon while driving through France with Drew…while he tortured and teased me the entire trip!

BW: Uh, your dad’s gonna read this.

MK: Ooops!

KB: Name 3 of your favorite things.

MK: Polkadots. Paris. And Paddles.

BW: Lady Gaga. Real Housewives of New York. Lady Gaga. Can I add one more? Lady Gaga.

KB: Turn-ons?

MK: Hairbrushes.

BW: Edible cinnamon panties.

MK: Like the pair you ate at my wedding shower?

KB: Turn-offs?

MK: Tickling. It’s the only true way that Kind Sir can punish me, since I love pain so much.

BW: Do we have to discuss your sex life again?

MK: It’s by far more interesting than your Vanilla World.

BW: Hey, Jeffrey and I occasionally enjoy a night of role play.

MK: Do we have to talk about your sex life again?

Adultery. Low section of business couple getting intimate on floor in office

KB: Share a funny or interesting anecdote (excerpt okay!)

BW: Oooh!  Oooh! I have one!

MK: (Burying her face with her hands) Oh, no! Ben knows where all the bodies are buried!

BW: How about the first time that Drew slept over when we were still roomies?

MK: He’s going to hurt you for this, you do realize that, right?

BW: He’s all bark and no bite.

MK: (Clutching her stomach with a deep groan): Here we go…

BW: Captain here thought she was so slick, sneaking her actor friend into her bedroom in the middle of the night. She never even really dated—imagine how surprised I was to find this studly…

MK: Benjamin

BW: Muscled…

MK: Come on!

BW: Oh, he has a six-pack, and you’ve written your name all over it.

MK: Stop, please?

BW: Lo and behold…it was very early that Saturday morning, and as I rubbed the sleep from my eyes, I stumbled into the kitchen to find Adonis in his boxer briefs, burning toast for his newly beloved for breakfast!

MK: (Blushing crimson) Oh, this chagrin is going to swallow me whole…

BW: At least he felt bad and we got a new toaster out of it—and a fire extinguisher!

MK: Oh, I hope Drew spanks me for all of this…

BW: Have faith, Cap. Where there’s a Drew…there’s a way…

What is Bound about?

Through dungeons and castles in the most glamorous cities around the world, Drew, a rising star on Broadway, brought publicist Maxine’s wanton desires to life. Five years later, changes have come to their lives, and Drew and Maxine find themselves facing a life-altering decision. Although their pursuit of kinky pleasures never wanes, will they discover that the happiest place on earth really is right in their own chaotic home?

Excerpt from Bound:

Bound Final - ebookOUCH!” she wailed, panting for breath as the fifth strike of Drew’s leather belt sliced over her ass. “Fuckballs!”

“Excuse me, Miss Merryweather…” Drew’s panic-stricken eyes caught hers. “My parents are staying in the next fucking room!”

Maxine should have known better than to agree to scene on a family vacation—particularly in one of the oldest seaside resorts in Provincetown. However, Drew had a way of coercing her, and she found her arms tethered to the four-poster bed, bound by the tie that he’d worn to dinner the previous evening. Admittedly, Drew hated using anything made of silk to restrain her, as the knot could easily slip, but Maxine had forgotten the hemp rope. This was her punishment.

“Damn in-laws…” she muttered.

“Okay, that’s it. You’re now up to fifty whacks, Miss Merryweather,” Drew said and snapped the belt through the air again. “And you’ll apologize for that remark.”

“Oh, Sir, I love them—you know I do!” she insisted. “Just…why can’t we be on another floor?”

“Because you, spoiled one,” he began, his voice carrying so menacingly between them, “wanted the fucking French suite…”


The hand towel from the stack in the bathroom always made a great gag for Maxine—even though she always complained afterward about the fuzz in her mouth.

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Meet Juliet Braddock

Juliet Braddock loves eighties music, wine, food, theater and all things French. When she’s not exploring the big cities of the world—most notably Paris—she lives and writes in Manhattan, and is the proud cat mom to a very spoiled Russian Blue rescue.

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