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reclaimed FB1Layla’s wicked fantasies had already caused problems that left her with deep emotional scars, so when she got a second chance to live them out, she insisted on strict rules and boundaries.

Dustin agreed to abide by Layla’s rules because that’s the only way he could have her, but after a while, it wasn’t enough. He wanted the whole woman—the impulsive, stubborn parts as well as her sweet, generous side—and so he insists she give him a fair chance to prove he’s worthy of her love. He’s over the moon when she agrees to date him, even if she insists on a vanilla relationship.

Complicating matters is the return of her abusive ex-Master, a kidnapped child, and a human trafficking ring that’s been targeting teens from the community center Layla runs. When the investigation turns up nothing, Layla takes desperate measures that put her and Dustin in danger.

In Re/Claimed (Doms of the FBI 3), Michele Zurlo delivers another hot, heartwrenching, and stunning BDSM romantic suspense tale.

Warnings: D/s, kidnap/breaking-and-entering fantasy play, impact play, bondage, spanking, anal play, electric play, and some seriously sexy kinky footwear


Dustin wanted to be her boyfriend. He wanted to date her. Go steady. Be an item. It seemed both juvenile and momentous.

After Brodie, the man she’d thought would fill the roles of friend, lover, and Master, had proven to be not at all the person she’d thought he was, she had sworn off dating a Dom. The liberties he’d taken—and forced her to consent to—still gave her nightmares. Memories snuck up on her at the oddest  times, battering her with intense waves of humiliation that stole her confidence and sense of self.

Yes, Dustin was a good man—much too good for her. Once he found out about the things she’d allowed Brodie to make her do, he would gently break her heart and run as far as he could go.

Reclaimed5002Dustin’s palm pressed against hers, warm and firm, tangible proof that she was about to take a step forward. Right now, she had paused in a figurative half-step, her foot hovering uncertainly in the air. Once she put her foot down and shifted her weight, the ground behind her would fall away, leaving her forever teetering on the precipice.

Full disclosure. She should warn him of the consequences to his actions.

“Dustin, if you’re serious about this, I think you should know that I date vanilla.”

He didn’t move. She lifted her gaze from the floor to find him staring at her curiously. Was she nervous? Utterly. She stared back, her manner appropriately sober.


No need to go into the details or give voice to uncomfortable memories. “BDSM scenes are fun, but they’re not what I’m looking for in a long-term relationship. If I ever settle down, I want a husband, not a Master.” Nobody was ever going to order or coerce her into doing anything she didn’t want to do. Not again.

He brushed his thumb back and forth over her wrist, evidence that he was both considering and bothered by her assertion. “Can’t you have both?”

Once she’d thought it possible. Brodie had proven her theory wrong. “No. A husband is a partner. A Master is the boss. That’s exciting, but impractical for the long haul. I just think you should know my views on the issue before you decide to change lanes.” Silence fell in a heavy, oppressive blanket, but she didn’t attempt to alleviate it with mindless chatter, further explanation, or false assurances.

Finally his head bobbed a brief nod, indicating he’d arrived at a conclusion. “So you’re thinking that we’ll eventually get married?”





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Author Bio: I’m Michele Zurlo, author of the Doms of the FBI series and many other stories. I write contemporary and paranormal, BDSM and mainstream—whatever it takes to give my characters the happy endings they deserve.

I’m not half as interesting as my characters. My childhood dreams tended to stretch no further than the next book in my to-be-read pile, and I aspired to be a librarian so I could read all day. I ended up teaching middle school, so that fulfilled part of my dream. Some words of wisdom from an inspiring lady had me tapping out stories on my first laptop, so in the evenings, romantic tales flow from my fingertips.

I’m pretty impulsive when it comes to big decisions, especially when it’s something I’ve never done before. Writing is just one in a long line of impulsive decisions that turned out to showcase my great instincts. Find out more at or @MZurloAuthor.


I’m Michele Zurlo, author of over 20 romance novels. During the day, I teach English, and in the evenings, romantic tales flow from my fingertips.