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Michele Zurlo’s Aug 17 Update

Hey there! It’s been a while since I’ve posted an update, so here goes–

My editor sent back edits for Re/Viewed (DFBI 6). It’s quite a long manuscript, so I’ve asked her to find places to cut out excess verbiage. She gave me a few suggestions, but most of it is staying. It takes longer to develop a three main characters and their separate love triangle issues, so it’ll still end up being longer than all the other FBI books. Most of you will be happy about that.

12938342_10209117629719941_1284887546926593190_nI’m also getting ready for the MLBU conference in Minneapolis in October. I hope, hope, hope to see you there! If you need information, here’s a link to the website.

On the WIP front, I’m making great progress in the SAFE Security front. I have a working title, suggested by my wife/editor: Looking In. We also threw around On the Outside. It’s a play with “on the outside looking in,” which is how Autumn has felt for most of her life. In this novel, she’s being forced to confront issues with her past and issues with David. If you’ll recall, they still have some things to work through. Add to that her penchant for getting in trouble, and you have one heck of a plot (which I hope everybody likes!)

WIP memeHow about a teaser? Please keep in mind that this is a completely UNEDITED and UNFINALIZED and TENTATIVE work in progress.

“Are you being good, Sugar?” The seductive timbre of David’s low voice came through on a clear cell signal.

I glanced around the lobby of the SAFE Security offices to make sure no one might have overheard the sexual undertones of his question, but the gesture was pointless. Dean and Frankie had left twenty minutes ago to catch a plane to Miami. That had annoyed the hell out of me. Here I was, trying to show them how valuable I could be as an office manager, and there they were, still making their own arrangements for their missions. I hadn’t even known that Dean and Frankie had something scheduled. It rankled that they didn’t trust me enough to let me know they had client, and that they totally neglected to ask me to arrange the flight, accommodations, and whatever else they’d need.

Still, it was good to hear David’s voice. He’d left two days ago with Jesse. The two of them had been charged with retrieving a stolen painting by Cubist artist Marie Laurencin called Danseuses Espagnoles. Their client had found it, but after a three-year investigation by the FBI, no action had been taken. They were tired of waiting for the legal channels to work. At least David trusted me enough to let me sit in with him and Jesse while they processed the contract, and Jesse had set me up with an access account and a company credit card so that I could book the flight to Phoenix and rent a house with sightlines into the property of the thief.

But my Sir waited for a response. I wondered if he’d found some time away from Jesse or if Jesse was throwing David a disgusted look and wishing he was elsewhere. I wrinkled my nose at the idea of ‘being good’ and rearranged the pens in my drawer. The collective quartet had left me with absolutely nothing to do. The clang of plastic against metal echoed through the reception room. My new desk was the only furniture in the space. As SAFE Security saw people by appointment only, they hadn’t felt the need to make a comfortable waiting area.

“Good” was one of those meaningless, relative terms, and I knew what he was really asking. “If you’re asking whether I’ve broken any laws, then—yes. I’m being good. If you’re asking whether I’ve completed any of the items on the list you left me, then—no. I’ve been naughty. You might need to hurry back and give me a thorough spanking.”

Guy for blog picOn the other end of the line, David chuckled. “Don’t worry. You’ll get something when I get back. You still have a few days to do the things on that list.”


I’m Michele Zurlo, author of over 20 romance novels. During the day, I teach English, and in the evenings, romantic tales flow from my fingertips.

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