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Kissing Bandits Welcomes Barbara Donlon Bradley

Kissing Bandits Welcomes Barbara Donlon Bradley

KB: Welcome to Kissing Bandits Blog! Tell us a little bit about yourself!

BDB: Well, my name is Barbara Donlon Bradley. I’ve always been a bit creative – love to paint and draw although I haven’t done either in years. When I found writing it was the perfect venue for my creative juices and that is where my focus is. I’m a mother (son is full grown now) and a wife. I’m proud to say I’ve been married to the same man for 31 years and we still like each other.

KB: Tell us a little bit about your most recent release.

BDB: Timeless Desire is the 9th book in my series The Vespian Way. I have an ongoing plot in the series but this book steps away for a moment because my hero and heroine are caught up in a series of timeline changes. It was a whole lot of fun because I had them meeting again and again in these different timelines.


Someone keeps altering the timeline and only Sam and Skye are aware of the change. The culprit doesn’t want Heather and Storm together, yet they keep finding each other, no matter how many times it is changed. Everything needs to be righted and the person messing with it needs to be stopped. It’s up to Sam and Skye to get things back the way it should be.

KB: What made you want to become a writer?

BDB: I’ve always written stories. When I was about 13 I created a character to go with my favorite super hero. Even went as far as creating her costume and car. Then I was in high school I started watching Star Trek in reruns and did the same thing because I wanted something knew. A girlfriend of mine also created a character and we started writing scenes for these characters.

Now we’re going to skip forward about 20 years. My girlfriend and I were still mailing those scenes back and forth when my mother and father-in-law moved back from California. My mother-in-law had taken classes in California to become a writer and wanted to continue following that dream. She had no idea that I had been writing, and I swear she just wanted someone to drive her, but she paid for my first year with RWA and my local chapter of RWA. Well, one day the president of our local chapter decided to do a critique program. She asked for 5 pages of members work to be critiqued. I knew I wasn’t going to be in town the day of the meeting so figured why not? If they don’t like it I could have slunk off into the darkness, never to be seen again. So I sent 5 pages of a scene I had written and waited to hear what they thought.

I was floored! They loved it. I was told that it was very raw and read like a screen play (which made sense since I graduated from college with a BA in Mass Communications with my focus on Television communications) but they saw a career there. That’s when I started writing professionally.

KB: Describe how you create characters.

BDB: My characters create themselves. I have gotten a lot of my ideas from dreams where I can see an important scene in the book. I’m normally in my heroine’s body when these scenes unveil themselves but somehow I know what I look like, what my personality is and a few of my quirks. Just enough to start with. Then they live in my mind, developing and becoming more three dimensional. I think that is why I love my characters so much.

KB: What kinds of female characters do you prefer to write?

BDB: I write strong females. Thanks to my grandma, I have a dominating personality so those type of characters come easy to me. I’m not saying they are so pushy you can’t love them, but they don’t back down from a fight, own up to their mistakes, and sometimes speak before they think.

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I’m Michele Zurlo, author of over 20 romance novels. During the day, I teach English, and in the evenings, romantic tales flow from my fingertips.

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