Twitter Confusion

I’ve recently become more active on Twitter. I used to only post automatically. I have FB and my blog set up to post on Twitter whenever I post, and so the posts get around. Recently, though, I’ve been following more people on Twitter–and not for networking purposes. I followed some of my favorite bands. I’m an Alt Rock kind of girl, and so the bands I love aren’t all that well known, except, maybe for a moderate hit here and there.

In response, a lot of bands I’ve never heard of are now following me. I don’t know why. What does seeing posts about my hot romances and a few about my personal life get them? It’s not going to sell records. (Yep, I’m dating myself with that one and I don’t care.) Does anybody know why in the world all these stranger bands decided to follow me? It’s a real question–I’m still getting to know how Twitter works. My current goal is to master the idea of hashtags. Or as Kimmie Schmidt says, number signs.

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