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Kitchen Accomplished

The kitchen repairs are finally finished! We used this opportunity to upgrade the kitchen. I’ve never had a nice one before. In our last house (800 square feet), we remodeled the kitchen, but everything we put in was salvaged from my mother’s old kitchen. It was nicer that what was originally there, but not our style. To jog your memory, here’s the before/after side-by-side.


We extended the counter on that side of the U, adding cabinet on the other side of the drawers. Additionally, we found a bonus cabinet that opens on the dining room side. Previous owners had paneled over it. With the money we saved doing the work ourselves, we were able to afford granite countertops, which were a huge upgrade from Formica-covered plywood with painted molding on the edges. The back splash, we also found, was a sheet of Formica (originally fire-orange and painted over.)

In the ‘before’ photo, you see we had a pink-and-white kitchen, which wasn’t by choice. Underneath all that white paint, we found beautiful oak, and so we refinished (and reconfigured) the cabinets.

Lastly is a full picture view, including the new lighting, which was a pain in the ass to install. Whoever originally wired the house just ran wire across the attic with no thought to rhyme or reason.

20141009_054627 The old ceiling was a white-painted lattice with florescent lighting hidden behind plastic panels. The whole thing might have looked cool in the 90’s, but it ended up being a giant bug-catcher. We had to re-wire after we found 24 outlets on one circuit (maximum is supposed to be 6.) This does explain some of the electrical problems, like why we lose power in half of our bedroom and not the other half.

It’s not a huge kitchen (and we’re missing the panels for below the sink), but we like it. Twin #1 picked out the backsplash to match the counter and the stain on the cabinets. We put a lazy Susan in the right corner where there had previously been half a cabinet. The other half had been boarded over. I don’t understand why people board over cabinets. I like having the extra storage space!

It wasn’t horrible to live through this repair. We had use of our kitchen most of the time, and it’s gorgeous now. BTW–when I say “we,” I mean “the wife.” As she says, I’m good at writing, so I should stick to that and leave the fixing stuff to her!




I’m Michele Zurlo, author of over 20 romance novels. During the day, I teach English, and in the evenings, romantic tales flow from my fingertips.

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