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TV Club/Super Fun

The teacher’s lunchroom is a loud place where lots of voices compete for attention and many conversations happen at once. Since I spend all day in that atmosphere, I like my duty-free 25 minutes to be a bit quieter. And so a couple friends and I broke off and started eating in an out-of-the-way classroom once each week. At the time, Super Fun Night was on, and we all liked the show. We’d fire up the Hulu and watch the previous week’s episode.

If you haven’t seen Super Fun Night, you missed out. Rebel Wilson is HILARIOUS. I liked all the characters. They were quirky and fun, and not what you’d expect. They look like real people, people I would actually know and hang around with. And they didn’t follow the usual trope–she ends up with the cute guy in the office. They brought on Nate Torrence, who was perfect for her character.

It was a cute show. The humor was campy, and then it would have a punch of extra smart funniness. The musical numbers at the end were the sprinkles on my cupcake.  I’m not sure why they showed the episodes out of order. It made for some Huh? moments. Anyway, like most shows I really like, it was canceled.

So Eric, the guy you’ll find in the dedication to several of my books because he’s that friend who knows everything and has everything, started looking for another show to watch. He put on Parks and Recreation for a while, but we’d already seen most of those episodes. Then he hit on It’s Always Funny in Philadelphia. (It was his Hulu account, so he got to choose.)

My wife watches that show. She says it’s hysterical, but I could never get through an episode. We have very different ideas of what’s funny. I tend toward the obvious, clever, or pun-oriented. She thinks Battle of the Network Stars is classic TV. Since I didn’t really have much of a choice during TV Club, I gave it a chance…again. Did I like it? I honestly don’t know. Parts were funny. Parts were ridiculous. Parts were shocking. Most episodes left me feeling either dirty or violated, which isn’t something I expect from a TV show. Since I sometimes like feeling dirty or violated, I am mostly just confused.

Really, I just wish Super Fun Night was back on. Rebel Wilson, please don’t go away!

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