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New Release from LGP: Daisy and Those Holland Boys

Club Alegria #5 is here! Those Holland boys are at it again, and this time Toby’s heart is on the line.

That's Michele Zurlo's paddle on the cover.
That’s Michele Zurlo’s paddle on the cover.

Daisy has nursed a crush on Toby Holland for some time. One night at Club Alegria, her friend Nora suggests that she join her and the Holland brothers for some hot menage fun. Toby has liked Nora for a while, but asking out a woman he’ll want to share with his brothers is problematic. With Nora’s help, he finally makes his move. Will it be the start of something wonderful?


Warnings: MMFM, MMFFMM, MMFMM, FF elements, spanking, bondage, sex toys, exhibitionism, four smoking hot brothers who work together and share.

Word Count: 5766



She expected Nora to brush her question off as a joke, but Nora tilted her head and studied Daisy. “I hadn’t thought about it that way. We should make out. Once they notice, I bet they’ll stop gabbing and get to work.”

“I’ve never kissed a woman,” Daisy said.

“Me neither,” Nora responded. “I’d be honored if you’d pop my cherry.”

Before Daisy could fully nod, Nora brushed her lips against Daisy’s. They began tentatively, feeling one another out, and by the time Daisy committed fully and admitted to herself that kissing Nora was really nice, they were lying on their sides and rubbing their bodies together.

Strong hands slid up her legs and removed her panties. Others lifted her shirt and kneaded her breasts. Daisy and Nora broke away from one another, and Daisy found her lips occupied by Jeremy. He paused to slide her shirt over her head and remove her bra, and then he kissed his way down her neck. He had large hands, strong and hot as he palmed her breast. Another set of hands pried her knees apart and repositioned her ass. Daisy looked down to see Toby plant a kiss on her mons. “You started without us,” he said. “I see we’ll have to revise the rules.”

He closed his mouth around her clit, sucking briefly, and then he licked her with long, hot strokes. She wanted to watch, but Jeremy turned her face to him and outlined her lips with his cock. Daisy was impressed with his size, so she wrapped her hand around his base before she took him in her mouth. She licked the ridge of his crown as he lazily thrust into her. Between her legs, Toby did amazing things with his tongue and fingers. Her climax came swiftly, surprising her with the lack of buildup. Well, maybe it wasn’t too surprising—the spanking had taken her to the edge and left her there. Toby moaned as he slurped her juices. Jeremy pulled out of her mouth. Toby lifted her while Jeremy took her place on the bed, and then he put her down so that she straddled this youngest brother.

Jeremy grasped her hips and lifted her only to slam her back down on him. He did this a few times, and Daisy gasped. Yes—she liked it rough. Toby knelt behind her. He pinched and rolled her nipples as he thrust his tongue into her mouth, simulating what his brother was doing. “You’re going to ride Jeremy, sweetheart. Well, you’re going to hold onto him and try, anyway. He’s a difficult stallion. While you’re doing that, I’m going to paddle your backside. I want you to hold off on having another orgasm until I tell you to. Got it?”


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