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It’s Hailing Hail

My car, getting damaged. That's hail in July.
My car, getting damaged. That’s hail in July.

We had a storm a couple of weeks ago that kicked ass. I love storms. I love watching them. I love when they happen at night, and I get to sleep through them. Well, not really sleep. The dog is afraid, so I have to get up and reassure her that everything’s okay. Twin #1 is also freaked out by them, and she sometimes climbs into bed with us. Since she’s almost grown and the dog already sleeps with us in a queen bed, it doesn’t quite work out.

The back of our house overlooks water, so we have a fair amount of glass. The kids had been out on a lake with their friend’s dad, and they came home just in time. The storm started within fifteen minutes. We stood near the big bay in the back of the front room, watching the sky turn black. Wind and rain came first, and we started hearing the thunk of hail. I’ve seen hail before. They’re little chunks of ice that melt soon after the storm. Well, not this time.

Hail in hand
This was the average size. We found larger and smaller pieces.

Wife said, “Wow. That’s golf ball size.”

I said, “Let’s move away from the window.” Since almost the entire back of the house faces west–which was where the storm came from–we couldn’t really get away. I herded the family into the living room and pulled the drapes. The 8-foot slider in that room was under the patio roof, so I felt it would be a bit safer. Then I heard a crash, and another, and another. The storm didn’t last long, but it caused lost of damage. Three of the four windows in the bay were broken–both panes. We went outside to find the golf ball description inadequate. They were easily twice that size. The cars were dented as well. We’d turned the garage into a work space this summer to work on the kitchen repairs, so the cars were in the driveway. A squirrel who lives in a tree in our yard (Ballnut–his name is another story) came down, all wet and bedraggled, shook his head at us, and stared. I swear he blamed us.

All the neighbors were out. We’ve lived here 4 years, and it wasn’t until then that we met some of our neighbors. The drains in the street were clogged, so we worked together to clear them so the flooding could abate. Lots of people had broken windows on their houses and/or cars. We were all thankful that nobody was hurt. So in addition to having to redo the kitchen due to a leaky dishwasher, we’re replacing windows. And the dents in the cars? I’m calling them mini bird baths.Hail and windows


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