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Excerpt from Master Eddie’s Sub

It’s release day for Master Eddie’s Sub (Club Alegria #2). You might remember Eddie from Catherine and The Spanking Room–he was the Dom-in-training who so sweetly helped Carlos with his lovely submissive. Now Eddie has Marina, a lovely submissive woman all his own. Here’s an excerpt!

Marina finds herself in heaven when Eddie takes her to Club Alegria for her first public and group scenes.
Marina finds herself in heaven when Eddie takes her to Club Alegria for her first public and group scenes.

A glance down proved that Eddie was aroused by the idea of doing things to her in public, and that calmed her more than words could. He shifted her to stand in front of him. Master Carlos had released Catherine’s nipple, and now he worked on her ass with a wooden paddle. She shrieked and howled, but when he let up, she said, “Getting tired already, Master? I’m barely feeling it.” Her ass was a maze of redness, and bruises would no doubt appear in a little while.

Eddie slid his hands up Marina’s thighs, reaching under her shirt to knead her breasts. Marina relaxed against his strong body and let herself enjoy her Sir’s attention. Master Carlos resumed spanking Catherine, this time with a tree branch that whistled through the air and left welts across her ass and thighs, and Eddie slid his hand under her skirt and into her panties. Marina gasped when his probing fingers found her wet and ready. Though she didn’t want to be spanked, the sight of someone else being disciplined definitely turned her on. That, and Eddie’s proximity. Just the smell of him got her hot and bothered.

He scooted the crotch of her panties aside and plunged fingers into her pussy. Marina stifled a moan and her hips thrust forward. He nipped at her earlobe again. “No coming.”

Even though she wanted to protest and beg, she merely nodded. When Eddie let her come, it was always spectacular. She trusted him, and she loved how he tormented her. He pumped into her, curving his fingers to find her sweet spot. Marina moaned, little high-pitched sounds of protest as she struggled to stave off her orgasm. He always seemed to know when she could stand no more, but this time was different. He ground the bulge in his jeans against her lower back and massaged her sweet spot without mercy. The noises coming from Marina turned desFrom Lost Goddess Puperate, and she couldn’t hold it off anymore.

“Don’t come,” he said as he twisted her nipple, sending her over the edge. He continued fingering her, drawing out her orgasm, and then he held her against him. “You disobeyed, Marina.”

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