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More Wedding Day Observations

As I’m hearing/reading comments, I feel I need to share a few observations. Since this isn’t my strong suit, I’m pleased I noticed this stuff at all!

1. There were NO protesters. And yes, there was time to organize something for people who felt strong opposition. We encountered people passing out flyers for the Gay Wedding Expo, photographers, ministers ready to perform for anybody from their congregations, reporters, supporters, even someone from the Democratic Party with petitions to get names on the ballot for the primary. (She was very happy to be the second witness to our wedding.) There were even people there just to hand out roses and convey congratulations.

From people who were happy for everybody.

These are roses (in bloom on my messy counter) we were given on the way out. They gave one to every single person, including our officiant, maid-of-honor, and the twins. (One twin was given two by accident, and the lady just smiled and told her to keep it.) The roses didn’t come with a flyer or any kind of advertisement, so I don’t know who gave them out, but thank you! We appreciate your support and blessings.

2. Not everybody there got married right away. The couple in front of us had been together for 33 years. They wanted to wait until Sunday morning, when the pastor of their church would gladly perform the ceremony. The couple behind us (the guys who want to adopt kids) wanted to wait, but like us, they didn’t trust the government to not foul it up somehow. They got married by the County Clerk (Lisa Brown), though they plan to have the priest of their church perform another ceremony. I don’t know how many couples wanted to wait for another day, but weddings happened all over the grounds of the county courthouse. I hope the stay is lifted soon so that everybody who wanted to wait to have family and friends to witness their big day get the chance for their dreams to come true.

3. We’re not sure if/when Suzy will be able to get health care benefits through my work (like all other married couples.) I wrote our union president yesterday, and he’s looking into it today. Keep your fingers crossed!

With Love, Michele


I’m Michele Zurlo, author of over 20 romance novels. During the day, I teach English, and in the evenings, romantic tales flow from my fingertips.

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