February Update

Hello everybody!

It’s been a hell of a February! I’ve been busy with all sorts of great things. Kiss Me Goodnight comes out next month, and I’ve been trying to put together tours and other goodies. More information on that to come.

Next, I broke my arm/wrist. When a box of books is delivered to an English teacher, the resulting glee can be injurious. This is my first broken bone, and it sucks.

In other new, I occurs to me that in the next two years, I’ll be getting the rights back to most of my books. Some of them will be republished independently, but others will no longer be available.  One title that will survive–but not in its current format–is Letting Go. I found the original version, and I plan to spend a lot of time this year refurbishing it. The core story will be the same, but many of the details will change. This was my first book, and I’ve grown a lot as a writer since then. Rights return won’t happen until 2015, so don’t look for it until then.

Back to KMG, I should have an incredible cover to reveal soon. You’re going to LOVE it. Following that, I’ll have a excerpt and information on where I’ll be and when.

Love, Michele

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