About Michele

Michele ZurloFarewell, My Friends

Finding out I have a chronic illness has had a profound impact on me. While I’ve had various, small symptoms my whole life, over the past couple of years, the severity of illness has escalated, which is normal with the kind of dysautonomia I have. It has been a life-altering experience, one that has forced me to take stock of what is important to me and what contributes to my quality of life. In doing so, I have realized that writing romance no longer brings me joy, which is the whole reason I started writing it. While I will continue reading, which still makes my heart happy, I’ve made the difficult decision to retire the Michele Zurlo and AJ Stone pen names.

I don’t have plans to remove the current books from publication. They will continue to be available for the foreseeable future, and I hope they bring you the same kind of joy they brought me in writing them.

It’s been an amazing 11 years. I wish you all the best.

Love, Michele/AJ